Quality Assurance Manager Job Description and its responsibilities 


A quality assurance manager has an important role in the company industries because they will develop and direct the quality assurance procedures. With their role, the company can meet the internal and external standards before shipping for the customers. Because of that, a quality assurance manager job description will be important to check the quality of their skills to do this work.

The quality assurance manager job description template 

Since a quality assurance manager has an important job, you also should be careful to select this candidate. You need to select a creative and analytical quality assurance manager that will help your company running well. A good quality assurance manager will strive to bring out the best in their companies because they will work tirelessly to ensure their quality for the clients.

Besides, a quality assurance manager also will work in a variety of industries ranging from manufacture to software development and they will play a vital role to establish the process and standards to ensure the Quality Assurance team.

The quality assurance manager responsibilities 

The quality assurance manager should know some responsibilities to do. The quality assurance manager responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Plan the procedures to inspect and report the quality issues
  • Monitor all operations that can affect the quality
  • Oversee and guide the inspectors, technicians, and other staffs
  • Examine the data to find the growth areas
  • Train, motivate, coach, and correct the employees to make sure about the working standard
  • Make a report to track the progress
  • Formulate the strategies to improve productivity
  • Review the process to make sure that people can align with current trends
  • Appraise the customers’ requirements and ensure that they are satisfied
  • Report all malfunction to the production executives to make sure immediate action
  • Make sure all of the legal standards and communicate with external quality assurance officers in the on-site inspection

The quality assurance manager requirements 

Moreover, you also need to fulfill some requirements if you want to be a quality assurance manager. The quality assurance manager requirements descriptions are:

  • Bachelor degree in business administration or related field
  • Certification of quality control
  • Show the experience as a quality assurance manager
  • Good understanding of MS Office and databases
  • Reliable and also trustworthy
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Great attention to detail and a results-driven approach
  • Outstanding numerical skills and know the data analysis method
  • Like to help others achieve the best
  • Desire to help other departments to improve the solution and metric

The quality assurance manager FAQ

What are the main skills for a quality assurance manager?

Based on the sample quality assurance manager above, the basic skills for this job position are team coordination and process enhancement. Both of them are important because they can make the company running suitable for your desire effectively and efficiently.

How much are the quality assurance manager salaries?

Although the quality assurance manager job description template is not telling more about the salary, the estimation salary for annual is about $96.325. Of course, each company will have different salary because it will depend on their quality assurance manager job description to create.


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