10+ Class Schedule free psd template

Class Schedule Template for Managing Time and Activities Properly

Teacher prepares a lesson plan, and school creates a schedule for class. Meanwhile, the company has training session, and employees must attend all classes. Both are the situations when you should use class schedule template. It is useful for teachers and academic administrators to arrange the class properly.

With a schedule, each session has specific lesson. For example, weekly schedule will allocate each day with several activities or lesson. During seminar, participants receive itinerary and schedule for guidance. You can find various schedules related to the class, education, and training. The schedule for elementary level is different from high school. Some schedules are created for specific course, and others are for general lesson.

Class Schedule Template Purposes

The main purpose of class schedule template is you make the right one with effective and efficient arrangement. The math teacher must teach three times per week. With schedule, the teacher will know when to be in the classroom at the right time.

Another purpose is for lesson plan. After schedule is done, and teachers can prepare the lesson that will be given in each session. Moreover, students also know what they expect to receive from instructors or teachers. That’s why you should have template to avoid any mismanagement and miscalculation.

Class Schedule Template Design and Samples

Keep in mind a class is not just in the school. Anything that involves learning and educating is considered class. The next section shows some schedules that you often see.

Weekly schedule

Math schedule

Elementary schedule

Special class schedule

College schedule

Conference and seminar schedule

Training schedule

Class Schedule Template Layout and Component

To know more about class schedule template, you can check its components and layouts. Even though the purpose and contents are various, the basic layout is generally similar.

Basic information

The first part is basic information, such as title, institution, teacher, class name, etc. You might be senior, and get the right schedule because there is senior sign. You know a schedule is for the math after reading a title.


Date and time

The date and time are the most important part on the schedule. For the school, it is usually weekly basis, and each day will have several periods. In each period, one lesson is available. The date can use day and specific time.


Some schedules are for general use, such as class schedule. The activity is represented by the name of course or subject. On the other side, there is also specific schedule based on the course, such as math or social science. In this case, the schedule contains activities or topic that will be learnt.


Additional sections

The schedule may expand to some sections, such as review, break time, and some notes. This part will adjust with where you implement the schedule.

Class Schedule Template Format

The simple format for class schedule template is spreadsheet. You just fill the names, items, time, and anything. Moreover, you often see the schedule with bright and attractive color. It also has logo, title, and relevant time allocation. If you want make such schedule, the template relies on the format related to graphic design.

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