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Designing the Profitable Catering Menu Template

When you are thinking about the design of catering menu, there are several considerations to keep in mind. It is not only about the dishes in your menu design, but it is also about selling or even upselling them once people look into your menu. Therefore, the design of menu is highly essential to marketing strategy. A well-design catering menu should also be legible. When searching for a catering menu template, keep in mind you need to have a well-organized yet tantalizing menu.

Ideas for Catering Menu Template

Designing a catering menu template is like creating a restaurant menu where you need to make the best possible decisions for business and clients. There are a couple different kinds of menu templates you can pick from, but the main options would be buffet style or plated and served.

There are a set of menu templates with various kinds of themes, and only you who can decide and customize the template to suit the requirements of your catering business.

Making a Profitable Catering Menu Template

Every type of business has competitors, so does your catering business. The catering menu you are about to create becomes one of the marketing tools in increasing the selling of your product and service. Thus, before going straight to the designing process, you need to conduct research about your competitors.

Gather information about your competitors. Do they offer pick-up service or include food delivery, what about the prices for each dishes; are they lower or higher than yours, and also get info about the variety of menu they are selling. Then, evaluate all the information you have understood and play smartly by finding the gaps in their service.

To make a successful catering menu template, it’s best to not include the entire catering menu. Just select ten main menus by deciding which appetizer, main course, and desserts that are the best sellers and which ones travel the best.

Types of Dishes in Catering Menu Template

To attract more customers by using your catering menu, try to categorize your dishes in these several food groups:

  1. Protein: It includes any type of meat and fish protein, such as chicken, beef, or even shrimp.
  2. Vegetables: In this part, you can only write vegetables that travel the best.
  3. Appetizer: It is a great item to be selling with a buffet.
  4. Desserts: Same as the vegetables, think carefully about the types of desserts that travel the best and easy to cook.

Things in Designing a Catering Menu Template

Once you have decided all the kind of cuisines to include in your catering menu template, there are still several things to keep in mind when you are designing it. First and foremost, make sure you list each dish by using numbers, so customers will not be confused in deciding what they want to order. You also need to include the price for every menu, and it is a must thing to do. The pictures of dishes should also be inserted as well since it is the main attraction of catering menu to attract your potential customers.

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