IT Disaster Recovery Plan Template

The IT disaster recovery plan template is the main key to assist you in the overall business sustainability strategy. The goal of business continuity is to maintain a minimum level of service to restore the organization to business as usual. If a business fails to implement a disaster recovery plan then, when a disaster strikes, the company risks losing customers from competitors, losing funds and the needs of its products or services are evaluated again and deemed unnecessary.


Contents Of IT Disaster Recovery Plan Template

IT Disaster may come anytime and in any system. Preparation is better to do before it comes. Here are the contents of the information technology disaster recovery plan template:

  1. Determine Scope and Size of the Disaster Recovery Plan

This part explains what the plan of consideration and determination of how large is the scope and size of disaster you will recover.

  1. Definition of disaster

It refers to the explanation of the disaster itself containing about what disaster’s criteria, how to detect it, do not forget to give the example disasters, how to solve it in ( explain in brief), and so on.

  1. Framework Design: Hardware and Software

This part explains how to recover the disaster then you make a framework of the solution. Mention the software and the hardware like application or weblink are available to use here.

  1. Framework Design: Environmental

It explains the scope and the size disaster recovery plan refers to the environment of the disaster.

  1. Framework Design: Customers

Framework design this framework, you should ask the customer what solution they do when the system business is down, what the impact of the business analysis is, and so on.

  1. Framework Design: Labor Resources

Framework design contains staff availability. The labor criteria and the amount of them will depend on the type of disaster.

  1. Framework Design: Networking

Framework design consists of the topology map of the network and other characteristics of networking. Networking in the IT disaster recovery plan template must be explained.

  1. Administrative Processes

It explains about the information technology organization chart for recovery diaster. Explain how to notify and call them in urgent. Communication will in internal or external of the organization explain their job for doing the job in handling the communication.

  1. Testing Processes

The testing process is to make sure the IT disaster recovery plan is already available to use or not. If you need, do a training process in the later on.

  1. Training Processes

The part should be mentioned as the objective of training. The training must be understood and practically by every trainee. This is done for all the trainees can do IT disaster recovery anytime.

  1. Maintenance of plan

It is conducted to back up the local storage and ban the site to use. This recovery usually carries out when the system so down. In this part, make sure that the time to maintenance not too long because it will give an impact on the business company. Too long maintenance may lose the fund.   

So, that is all about the IT disaster recovery plan template from the definition explanation, function, and the content of the template. This is important to do because the wrong system or disaster will influence the continuity of business.

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