Breakfast Attendant Job Description – Responsibilities and Requirements To Know


A breakfast attendant is one of the most important staff in-service business such as a hotel. Understand the breakfast attendant job description in the following summary.

The Breakfast Attendant Job Description

  • Setting up the buffet before mealtime and then disabling it after the morning breakfast.
  • Making sure the important items are placed completely on the table, for example, cereals, bread, fruits.
  • Making sure the main breakfast items are well-stocked.
  • Maintaining the buffer area clean and well-arranged.
  • Cleaning the breakfast area regularly, from replenishing the silverware, condiments, and sugar caddies.
  • Helping to prepare the food from light to moderate preparation.
  • Refilling the containers.
  • Cleaning the area of the breakfast place from sweeping, wiping, and also moping.
  • Serving as a restaurant waiter or busboy for the special food order of the guests.
  • Supporting the customers’ needs such as providing drinks or refilling it.
  • resolving customers’ complain and answering queries.
  • Acting as the company’s representative by providing a hospitable and warm atmosphere for all guests.
  • Record-keeping, paperwork, vacuuming the kitchen, and other areas that are related to the breakfast space.
  • Providing custodial tasks but it is based on each company’s policies.

Skills Required In The Breakfast Attendant Job Description

The breakfast attendant job description includes the skills we have listed below and the candidate must be eligible and fulfill them. The skills required include:

  • Having strong communication and interpersonal skills to provide a positive and warm atmosphere so the guests feel welcomed and are well-informed.
  • Having friendly, efficient, and also courteous attitudes.
  • Being able to work multitasking.
  • Being able to stand in a long period.
  • Having a strong willingness to work in shift.
  • Having a willingness to work under pressure.
  • Having good patience in handling complaints.
  • A willingness to work with cleaning chemicals and a strong ability to lift things to 25 lbs.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent and well-informed with food and safety guidelines.


If you are interested after reading the breakfast attendant job description, you need to get prepared well mentally and resume. You can use our sample of statement objectives bellow:

  • I am eligible to apply as a breakfast attendant.
  • I am ready to be part of your team to work as a breakfast attendant in your company.
  • I am ready to use my skills and knowledge in the hospitality business and have a strong willingness to work as a breakfast attendant in your company.
  • I have met the requirements in the breakfast attendant job description you have posted and I would like to apply for this position.
  • I am ready to work hard to achieve the company’s goals as a breakfast attendant.
  • I have strong courage to learn and gain more skills in the hospitality industry so I am applying as a breakfast attendant in your company.
  • Knowing that your company is looking for a new breakfast attendant, I would like to apply for this position and present my skill if you give a chance.

That is all our summary of the breakfast attendant job description. We do hope our article helps you in preparing your resume.

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