Field Inspector Job Description


When one asks for loan to insurance agencies, banks, or mortgage lenders, one needs to use their property for assurance. Then, it has to go through inspection to estimate its value. That’s what’s included in Field Inspector job description. They will verify this before you can expect for approval.

What the Field Inspectors Do?

Insurance companies have their own people to take care of field inspections. Of course, one with that job position has to drive to where the property is located. Once he has arrived in the location, there will be several field inspector responsibilities to be done. It will all start with documentation.

Then, it will eventually end with you making inspection reports. Depending on the needs, you will be responsible of other tasks as well. Field inspector application template also requires job applicants to include relevant data that meets the requirements for the job. Each position has their own after all.

Employers can’t hire someone who cannot do what field inspector is supposed to do. You can’t succeed with you unable of doing such thing too. Being knowledgeable of land and building codes is one, but field inspector job requirements also include the capability of one to be so detail oriented.

Well, of course you’ve got to inspect property value to begin with. You can’t determine one without being careful of many things. Professional field inspector job would even require one to be capable of identifying issues and make accurate appraisal. You have to meet such standard to qualify for one.

Field Inspector Job Responsibilities:

  • Inspect property both personally and visually on the site
  • Take pictures of property’s surrounding areas
  • Conduct the inspection on the home and equipment
  • Take note of problems and concerns of the area
  • Present reports of the inspected property

Field Inspector Job Requirements:

  • High school or other equivalent diplomas
  • Years of experience of the related field
  • Analytical skills of advanced level
  • Skills in written and verbal communication
  • Report writing and presentation skills


What does Field Inspector take care of?

Field inspectors pretty much focus on area and property inspections. They have to come to the site personally and get direct look of them. Potential problems might be there and they can’t be missed. They determine property’s value, thus it becomes deciding factor in approving or declining the loan.

What level of knowledge does one need to have for it?

One does not need to be college graduate of related field to qualify for the job. High school diploma is enough to get you the job. Other equivalent kinds are welcomed as well. Even so, job applicants with more education and experience would surely be more preferred. You get more chance indeed.

What minor tasks that follow in conducting inspection?

You are obliged to do field inspection, but you will need to drive to the location on your own. That is why field inspector job description needs one to frequently do extensive travel. You will have to agree with having irregular working hour too. After all, you could be called anytime to go anywhere.


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