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Bar Menu Template with Impressive and Suitable Layout

When visiting a bar, you surely order a drink. The menu is attached on the back of counter. People can see the drinks, snacks, foods, and anything served in this bar. On the other hand, some bars have menu as similar to food joint or restaurant. The customers receive a sheet containing the list of option. Another design is menu you see on the table. You can make such thing with bar menu template.

With the template, the menu card looks elegant. Some of them are mostly with dark background. The interesting thing is you may see the menus written on board by the owners. They write directly with chalk. With this template, you just pick the design and fonts with such style.

Bar Menu Template Ideas

In general, bar and restaurants are the same core businesses. The main products are foods and serving, including drink. Some people from neighborhood are regular customers. They already know what they can get and order directly. On contrary, several customers visit a bar for the first time. This is where the menu becomes important part.

With the template, you can make the menu more attractive and elegant. Some customers consider the design to value how the owner manages and maintains the business. With bar menu template, you can prepare something out of ordinary. For example, a bar has special offer in the New Year.

Bar Menu Template Designs

The design for this menu will have various styles. You need background and few pictures if necessary. The style should be casual because people visit a bar to relax their mind. You may choose any design as long as the bar theme and concept is compatible.

Bar Menu Template Components

The components of bar menu template will be listed at the following section. The style and layout are different between one and others. However, the core items for components are relatively similar.

Bar’s name or menu title

The first thing you can see is the header with bar’s name or menu title. Usually, a bar does not change a menu often. You may see same lists, unless special offer and occasion. The bar’s name is also necessary to be on the menu card.

Layout and background

Layout is how the contents are arranged. For example, you can make two main columns for drinks and foods. Another idea is to enlist everything from top to the bottom. You may also make the groups for certain drinks, such as cocktails, wine, beer, and tequila, including foods.

List of drinks and foods

The next part is the list of drinks and foods. Make sure you use visible font, so people can read it easily. The name for certain drink may be unique, but you must include additional explanation.


Some bars do not put the price for all offers. However, it is better to put the price for each drink. People will know how much they must pay.

Bar Menu Template Formats

The format for bar menu template is quite similar to the menu for restaurant. In fact, you can use the later if your business combines bar and restaurant. The template contains files that are easy to edit and modify. You can replace, drag and drop then print directly.

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