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Site Map Template for Managing Pages on Website

A website uses site map to manage all pages. It is not necessary to be on the site itself. On the other hand, you should put it if the website has many pages and complex layout. To ensure you have the proper one, you must obtain site map template.

Site map is common for website. It is like table of contents that arrange everything, so people can access it easily. The menus, links, and features are placed the right order. The next section will explore more about this topic.

Site Map Template Ideas

Site map template will simplify your work. You may have many things on mind, such as homepage, about us, content, menu, and everything. The challenge is how you put them in the website with accessible pages. Some ideas for this template will be listed at the following list.

  1. Website design

You can use this template for website design and development. You should prepare the site map before the website is created. After that, implement everything on that plan into website. With this map, you can improve and update efficiently.

  1. Business analysis

Site map is also useful for business analysis. You need to enlist each item, and arrange them with certain configuration. After that, see the connection and relationship. From business analysis, you can develop a business strategy.

  1. Marketing

Another idea for site map is marketing. It is quite similar to business analysis. On the other hand, you can develop marketing strategy using site map approach after conduct business analysis.

  1. Website visualization

You may want to know what the website looks like. For such purpose, you need a site map to visualize the contents and layout, so you can see each menu and component.

Site Map Template Styles

The style for site map incorporates the graph and flowchart. You can prepare the main menu, and each will have submenu. It is like family tree where one top level has one or more lower items. Each menu has specific theme or concept. For example, you can make website with the finance theme. The main menu will be homepage, article, latest news, about us, help, review, etc. The article will also have several categories related to finance.

Site Map Template Components

For components, site map template consists of several items. Check the list below for more information.





Menu and submenu



You may add more items as long as the site map is readable and understandable. Both are the key elements when developing site map.  Each item should be specific, and make sure everything is the right place.

Site Map Template Formats

You need specific software when developing this map. In general, spreadsheet provides menu to transform existing contents into the site map mode. On the other hand, you can also find some features on certain software that’s specifically for creating site map.

One thing you cannot forget is explanation related to each item. You may use number or code to simplify the design. After that, the site map template has section to explain the menu or item comprehensively.


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