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Memorial Program Template and Its Main Components

Funeral services often provides brochure that contains information and life achievement related to the deceased. You can call this one as memorial program. It includes name, photo, basic information, and funeral event. To make the proper one, you can use memorial program template.

The template is ready-made file that can be edited easily. All components are already in the proper layout. You only need to focus on the contents. If necessary, you can change and add few things, but the general design is relatively the same. More templates give various options.

Memorial Program Template Design

Memorial program template has some designs, from just one sheet to several pages. It depends on the status of deceased. A person with high influence and achievement often has memorial program with complete contents. You can read the quotation, award, honor, and many things.

Two-fold layout is the common option for memorial program. It looks as you read the brochure. However, the contents are at inside pages. One side is for photo and name. Another one is for additional content.

Memorial Program Template Components

The next section will show the components that you often see on memorial program template.


This part is the general foundation before you put the rest of components. It keeps the contents and items in the right composition. Make sure you pick the right layout to avoid imbalance arrangement.

Name and photo

One side of memorial program is dedicated for the name and photo. Usually, the photo is just a half of upper body. You may use full body photo but it should cover the entire page. Choose the best photo from the deceased. People will use this document as reminder, and the best-looking photo is necessary.

Basic information

Friends and families already know this part. However, you should still put this section with necessary items, such as the birthdate, date of death, address, email, social media, and website. The contents are adjusted with the situation.

Life achievement and honor

The next part is for honor, life achievement, testimony, and other things. This part can have more pages if a person has significant influence. For simplicity, you can pick the right quote to add on this program. Usually, a deceased had favorite book or anything that people would put at this program for reminiscence.

Additional section

After all components are completed, you can put anything as long as it is suitable and compatible with the situation. Some people had unique life that’s worth to be on this program. This is where you use additional sections.

Memorial Program Template Formats

You may use one format for several memorial programs. In general, the design and layouts are not too different. The only thing you must do is the format which can fulfill the right layout. This one should be formal, and you need the right template to make it properly.

Memorial Program Template Advantages

The advantage of memorial program template is you can create the proper funeral program or service properly. If you are in this kind of business, the template can shorten your effort as the document will be done quickly.

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