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About Page Template Proper Contents and Layout

When visiting a website, you may want to know more. The first reference is from about page or about us section. This section is useful for introduction. You can read and know what the website is about. To make a proper page, you need about page template.

Most online businesses have an issue when deciding the content to be in this page. In fact, they end up adding unnecessary information. About page has to short and precise with solid information that’s easy to understand. That’s why the template becomes the important part to ensure you have relevant about page section.

About Page Template Samples

Some samples for about page template will be listed at the following section. You can compare and see the differences.


Creating website becomes easier task. However, preparing contents take time. Usually, you see some links or menus, including “about us” section.

Online business

Online business emerged since internet inception. It was more than selling and trading. The business also involves sharing tips and information. This is where you provide your credential on this page.

Online store

You can buy goods via online store. The problem is how you trust that store. In this case, about us will provide complete information, including license and legal support.

Social media

Today, social media is the fastest growing platform in the online business. Company and stores start to create social media account. About page is necessary part to explain what and who they are.

About Page Template Components

The next section will show some components you can find on about page template.

Header and background

This page starts with header and background. Header is the title that represents the entire content. You can use formal or informal sentences for official website. For casual one, you may write something to attract visitors and viewers.

Brief introduction

The page has brief introduction related to who, what, when, and where. It includes the past history before the company is released.

Professional experience and values

You can explain skill, value, and professional experience. For example, the website sells jewelry and this page contains anything related to the value of company to produce the items.

Unique skill, capability, and method

This part may be integrated with previous one. You can explain the unique skill and capability to handle the situation.


Your website is developed because of some problems or situations. You offer the solution to overcome it effectively and efficiently. Solution is the reason why people buy or conduct business with you.

Legal information

You need to add legal information, such as address, company name, etc. This part will justify and legalize the business.


The conclusion will summarize everything. Just put indirect marketing statement to solidify the content.

About Page Template Design and Layout

The design and layout for “about page” is simple with less decoration. It is the page where you may not put too much banner or advertisement. Everything is plain, so viewers can see and read easily. Make sure the font style and size is adjustable with the main page.

About Page Template Formats

You can get some formats for about page template. They are useful as references before you create and write on this page. Most formats focus on the style and layout. You only pick the one that’s reliable and capable to suit your website.

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