10+ Training Certificate free template in PSD

Important Points in the Training Certificate Template

Training certificate is the thing prepared by training organizer which will be given to participants. There are varieties of template that can be used in training certificates. The training certificate template is a pattern and order arranged in a particular form, so the certificate looks attractive. Let’s take a look at the details of this certificate below.

Training Certificate Templates Importance

Knowledge and soft skills can support professional performance, supported by the existence of legalization in form of certificates. Training improves individual competencies, so it can bring high morale. The costs incurred to attend training can be paid for with the development of individual human resources. It is proven by the presence of training certificates.

The training certificate template must be attractive because it is a capital to gain formal recognition that someone really has competence in a particular field. When you decide to make this by yourself, there is an easy way to make it with ready-made templates.

Training Certificate Template Design

Certificate designs are generally rectangular, in form of a piece of paper that contains a person’s achievements at an event or position. In making training certificates, you should consider the aesthetic aspects. The design is simple, but still looks beautiful since the essence of certificate is about the achievement of competency.

Training Certificate Template Basic Elements

The training certificate template consists of several elements, including:


Lines are an important element in making certificate designs. Judging from its shape, the lines can form image that supports the design. They also serve to direct the eye in seeing the certificate.

Shape and Space

According to its nature, the forms of training certificate are divided into three types: symbols, letters, and forms.


Color functions as identity for the design. It can attract attention and convey the intention of the certificate. You can use colors that created in the ink element (CMYK) or the appearance of light (RGB).


The text serves to help the process of organizing words into written form that will be adjusted to the design. It can increase the ease of delivery of information.

Training Certificate Template Principles

The training certificate template needs to be designed based on the principles that must be obeyed, including:


Unity: this one emphasizes the harmony of the elements arranged in certificate, so the elements can support each other and get the respective focus.

Balance: it is needed to avoid the impression of one-sidedness, so the elements can be evenly distributed on each side.

Rhythm: it is the principle of order to follow the pattern. Therefore, when creating an attractive design, you can convey information to the target.

The contrast: contrast is the use of more prominent elements. It is useful as vitality, so your certificate design is not monotonous.

Focus: focus is needed to produce a composition to show the important parts that become the main idea in the design. It can convey the message properly.

Proportion: it is a specific comparison in overall design elements. It emphasizes more on size of the elements to create harmony in a design.



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