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Daily Report Template and Its Various Designs

Making report is common when you work in the company. Employer must know the progress and activity that have been done daily by employees. Moreover, it is useful to keep a track on business activity. When something is not in right order, employer or manager can solve it immediately. Small mistake can lead to the big issue. That’s why most companies and projects rely on daily report template.

Daily Report Template Purposes

You can learn more about daily report template after exploring some samples at the following list.

  • Accounting report
  • Project report
  • Task report
  • Study and research report
  • Production report
  • Construction report
  • Sales report
  • Meeting report
  • Daily call report
  • Nursing report
  • Cash report

As you can see, the report is not just in the workplace. Construction report is necessary as a part of inspection and management. Sales and call report is common from sales division. The company or store must receive information about how much sale today. In the nursing home or hospital, daily report is prepared as a part of health worker duty.

Daily Report Template Layout

The layout for report will adjust the purpose, field, contents, and the urgency level. If the report is very important, you must add detail. On contrary, some daily reports seem trivial, but still necessary. In that case, the layout should be simple and efficient.

Daily Report Template Components

The next section will show some components that are mostly available on daily report template. Usually, company has specific layout and template for daily report.


It starts with header or title. You know the report is for daily basis after reading the header. Make sure this part is clear and easy to understand.

Basic information

After that, the report starts with basic information. This part provides information, such as company, employee, and division. Some reports contain information related to the project.

Day, date, and time

The report uses table or format to see the day, date, and time. You may often see this part on the previous section. One sheet is for single day, which means the period and date will be the basic information. Weekly report utilizes different basis because one sheet is for a week. Office report is mostly five days, but several reports include all days in one week.


The key component on this template is the section for enlisting and explaining activities. It provides information about the things that have been done. The layout and contents depend on where the report will be used for.

Result or the latest progress

After that, you can also see section for the result, outcome, and the latest progress. You have done the tasks today, and it is time to check the result. This part may use measurement or quality standard to justify.

Review and suggestion

The last part is for review and suggestion. It is mostly for supervisor or employer after reading the entire contents.

Daily Report Template Formats

Daily report template has several formats. You may consider one sheet for weekly basis if the tasks are simple, and you do not need much detail. On contrary, some reports, such as for construction, require the explanation and complete description.

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