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Seating Chart Template Free Download and Explanations

In places right classroom or restaurants where numerous chairs and seating area exist, seating chart template will always be needed by the manager or anyone running the place. These are several explanations about the chart, including its functions, as well as some available download for the template. Using them, making the chart is now even easier than ever.

Seating Chart Template Functions


The seating chart template is usually used for more-organized purposes. Instead of having everyone fighting over chairs, the seating are already decided and written on the chart. This chart is really common to be found in classroom, especially, to avoid kids picking up seats too extremely because sometimes no one want to sit on the front row at all and they are all fighting for the back row all the time.

Seating Chart Template Kinds


The most common kinds for the seating chart that you will probably find are:


  • Classroom Seating Chart

A classroom is 90% seating area and when the students fight over the seats every day, the homeroom teacher should really make a seating class.


  • Wedding Seating Chart

For a wedding reception, seating chart is needed to set where to seat who. Usually, the seats are arranged according to the bride’s family or the groom’s.

  • Restaurant Seating Chart

When designing a restaurant, of course there should be a seating plan. It will decide where to put those seats and make it the dining area.


  • Church Seating Chart

When some occasions are taking place in a church, which also 90% seating area, the chart will be needed to organize everything even easier.


Seating Chart Template Designs


How about the designs? Find out some of them down below:


Simple Seating Chart

The simple chart is usually made in Ms. Word or non-designing tool. It is just like some lineups of rectangles portraying the seat. It is usually found in classroom.


3-D Seating Chart

If the seating chart is about to be presented on the screen, it will be better for it to have more appeal on the design. The 3-D effect on the chart will do the trick.

Round Seating Chart

Instead of rectangle, round shapes are used to portray the seat, or table. It is common to use in restaurant or other public area.


Printable Seating Chart

This is like the simple one but you can print it anyway. It gives more space inside the layout to add more text and you can print them easily.


Seating Chart Template Usage


The usage of the seating chart template is really easy. When you have downloaded the template, load it up on the matching tool to the template’s format. If the format is doc, you can open it up using Ms. Word. If the format is PSD, you can open it using Photoshop. After that, add the name of the layout of the seat. Once done, check it one more time and print it.

Making the chart can be very important in some places. This is why the chart should never get taken for granted. For those who are looking for great, high-quality seating chart template for free, some of them up there should be your ultimate choice.

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