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The Suitable Style of Pregnant Announcement Templates

Pregnancy is big news for couple. Even though it is not the first time, having announcement will make an excitement moment. Moreover, new soon-to-be parents feel grateful about this moment. Therefore, they can use pregnant announcement templates for making the proper card.

In old day, making this kind of announcement was not common. In fact, some people will keep the pregnancy in secret. However, the world changes and the new trend arises. Sending and sharing pregnancy announcement is not big issue. Everyone deserves to be happy, and shares it with others.

Pregnant Announcement Templates Design and Layout

The design for pregnant announcement templates is casual with the words and layouts that are easy to understand. You can use simple card layout that’s similar to something you send for birthday and thank you note.

For more interesting idea, you can include photos after visiting the doctor. If you pick this one, add the information about date and place. People want to know more about the pregnancy after seeing the announcement.

Pregnant Announcement Templates Components

The next section will show some components that are mostly available on pregnant announcement templates. Check the following list for further explanation.


The first part is title related to this announcement. You can use big and bold words to attract audience. The title should be short to represent the entire content.

Announcement words

You can use some words, such as coming soon, baby will come, welcoming baby, etc. This part shows the feeling that parent has. You can use some quotes with meaning full words. Make sure it is simple and easy to understand.

Date and time

Some parents often add date and time when the baby is expected. Make sure you know this part to avoid mistake. It is best to rely on approximation time, not the exact date. You do not know what happens in the future. The only thing you can do is making a prediction.

Photo and illustration

The template has several variations regarding where you put the photo or illustration. Parents can add some real photos after visiting doctor to justify this announcement. On the other hand, having illustration is far better for privacy.

Pregnant Announcement Templates Formats

The template is ready-made file that you can edit, adjust, modify, and expand. It has several formats, but mostly with graphic design extension. You can open it with editing software and add few things. In general, the format is similar to other announcement card, but the content is different.

Pregnant Announcement Templates Benefits

First pregnancy is the blessing that parents want to share. Usually, they post the contents on social media. A common posting seems lack of attraction. This is when you choose template. Attractive design makes the pregnancy more valuable.

Another benefit for having pregnant announcement templates is free. You just pick the one that’s capable to fulfill your needs. Make sure you use the proper layout to avoid any mistake. That’s what you should know before using this template.



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