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When you are writing a book, getting book cover template is obviously important. Once the book is done and heading toward the printing process, you will have to choose the cover of the book as well. These are some of the best book cover options you can use as templates. They are easy to use and everyone can edit them at some points.

Book Cover Template Importance


The wise words “Don’t judge a book by its over” are probably true, but when it comes to a book’s sale, it is probably not. The cover is like the first thing people see about the book. When the cover is not that interested, they won’t bother find out more about the book. That is why the cover has to be designed as interesting as possible and using book cover template is a probably good idea.

Book Cover Template Key Essentials


The key essentials or the mandatory things written on the book cover will be:


  • The Title. Obviously, the book must have title. The title will have to be written very vividly and boldly on the cover. That is the first thing people will read.
  • The Author’s Name. Sometimes, the author’s name will have great impacts on the book. Write them well on the cover and place it strategically.
  • The Cover Face. There must be something interesting about the book and you can use it as the main face of the cover. Use it to attract some people into find out more about the book.
  • Testimony or Review.When the book is already reviewed, usually a quote from positive review or a positive testimony from expert or reviewers will be displayed on the cover.

Book Cover Template Top Design


For the design, these are the most popular ones by far:


Photo Book Cover

Books do not have to contain tons of words. Things like photo books are full of pictures and inspirations. The cover should be made as interesting as the content,


Children’s Book Cover

For children’s book, the cover must be colorful, whimsical and fun for kids to look at. If they look boring, there is no way they will buy them.

Business Book Cover

Business books are often given by company to future investors. The book is all about the company profile. The look of the book, especially from the cover, tells it all.


Recipe Book Cover

For recipe book, of course, the main cover has to feature the best dish from the content. It will help attracting more people into buying the book.


Book Cover Template Best Format


Designing a book cover is not easy at all. Everyone has to know the right format. Most of the contents of the cover will be images and thus using Photoshop format or PSD format for the book cover template is important. Besides PSD, the cover can be made in the CDR format and get edited by Corel Draw tool installed on the PC.

There is no need to make or design your own cover for the book. The templates can do it for free for you. All you need to do is choosing the right design and use the design as cover for the new book. This is the reason why book cover template is quite helpful these days.





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