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Award Certificate Template to Download and Use


An award certificate template is always necessary to make, especially when you work as a teacher or company manager that gives away awards in regular basis. Instead of spending hours of making the certificate design, you can use templates instead. They are easier to use and they are basically ready-to-print. So, these are some of the most popular designs for the download.

Award Certificate Template Usage


Before jumping to the download, let’s find out the usage of the template. Well, the template is used to keep your effort to the lowest. Designing an award certificate is not an easy thing to do, particularly when you have no previous experience in doing so. This is why award certificate template is always necessary to download and quite helpful for sure.

Award Certificate Template Types


The typical template types for award are going to be displayed down below:


  • Formal Award

This is like a serious type of award given by top-tier associations or companies. They cannot be taken for granted, including for the certificate design.


  • School Award

Schools are often giving away awards for many occasions. They want to appreciate the students for what they have achieved throughout the years.

  • Sport Award

In sports, the awards will be revolving around the best players, the most well-played team, the most fairplay team and many more.


  • Business Award

The award is given for a company or business with certain achievement in their field. The certificate is then usually displayed to attract more investors.


Award Certificate Template Design


For the designs, here are some of the most prominent designs for the award certificate:


Illustrated Design

These are for school awards. The design is full of color, full of illustrations and basically very kids-friendly. They will be great for children to receive.


Ribbon Design

For the formal design, it will be better if the design is kept serious, too. The ribbon design is like the basic one for good, old-fashioned certificate everywhere.

Sporty Design

The sport award needs sporty certificate. They should be sport-inspired according to the types of sport they play, such as basketball, baseball, or soccer.


Themed Design

If the award has themes, the certificate must follow the theme as well. It will keep the certificate cohesive to look at throughout the award event.


Award Certificate Template Formats


The common format for the award certificate template is the one in Photoshop. It means that the PSD is the standard format for the template. However, the certificate can also get available in simpler format such as Words as the only things to edit from the templates are just the texts, such as the name of the award recipients and the date.

By using template, you won’t even spend an hour of making and printing the entire certificate. They will be ready in no time at all. When you just do not want to use award certificate template, make sure you know about designing and end up with beautiful-looking certificate anyway.


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