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Weekly Report Template for Various Project and Business Types

One could be pro at composing monthly or annual report, but it isn’t always the case with weekly one. It is a different kind of report, a document that must be put out every week constantly with all the data and plan prepared inside. Weekly report template might be able to ease your task on this matter, by providing layout and design so all you have to do is input your substance and present it to your manager or supervisor.

Weekly Report Document Template

Weekly report is a document that covers a comprehensive review of the week – just like the annual reports does for yearly review. The papers include summarized recap, significant achievements, and challenges encountered during the particular week, as well as the plans for the upcoming one. It gives both you and the person you are reporting for an insight about how things are paced. It is also an effective tool to track progress made by team or individual employee on a project.

Weekly Report Template Guidelines

The process of writing weekly report template can be chopped into five steps:

Determine the purpose of your weekly report

First of all, you have to outline the objectives of report before even start to work on it. This is where you decide the things to include in the document, and what the management want to see in it.

Understand your role

To craft a perfect weekly report on a project, you have to know your role and set boundaries over it. There is no way one person can contribute to too many tasks, then present the papers with too many focuses.

Set the layout to use on every report

Since you are covering document to present each week, it is better to have layout that comes with separated sections already. This is where you’d use the template that has pre-built format. Do not hesitate to customize it if necessary.

Pay attention to the wordings

Simple language is always preferable in business document. Avoid using too many technical terms to describe your action and write the report for readers in mind. One useful tip, is to present good results and news first for your manager.

Weekly Report Template Formats

A proper report must follow the correct writing format no matter what kind of document that you compose. The right format will make it easier to read and digest.

The report has different format from journalistic article, blog post, or an essay. It is specifically made to serve facts about specific project, event, topic, or situation. Simply follow the format of weekly report template here to set the correct visual composition.

Free Weekly Report Template

Start to construct and present your information by using the available weekly report template. It has eye-catching and well-structured qualities. The free and easy to use template is designed to look as professional as possible. Just browse through the collection of templates to find the one that suit your business brand the best then you may edit and personalize the document as much as you want.



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