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Free Downloadable and Printable Wedding Seating Chart Template 

Wedding seating is among the most important things regarding the event, yet it is often overlooked during planning process. Seating arrangement is an attempt at organizing where the guests will sit during reception and with whom. By having a proper seating chart, the guest can make sure that the reception goes all well and smooth.  A wedding seating chart template is a pre-made document that helps you on plan on this matter – it makes the whole organizing thing went so much easier to plan the big day of yours.

Wedding Seating Chart Template Purpose

Assigning seating during wedding reception is not a mandatory thing, but most couple do it anyway to make sure everyone is having fun. In fact, there are plenty of wedding venues that require the couple to assign seating. At a wedding reception or any types of sit-down dinner occasions, having the seats assigned tend to make the event goes simpler. It ensures table efficiency, because each table will be filled to its optimum capacity. Without having the seat arranged and assigned, there is a possibility that staff at the event can get confused.

Wedding Seating Chart Template Tips

Here are several tips to use wedding seating chart template properly:

Determine the table shapes

You have to plan the table shape before event start to plan how to seat the guess. In general, it is the shape and size that control how many guests can seat on one table. There are four standard shape and layout of reception table you can choose: square, rectangle, round, or oval.


Decide where you want your parents to sit

According to tradition, all parents of the couple will share a table during the reception. If the size allows, it may also be filled with grandparents and siblings. It will provide chance for everyone to know each other and share the joy on your special day.

Put your friends near

To acknowledge the special roles of your friends, it is a good idea to put them in one of the head tables. If there’s still a room, you might also arrange their date to sit at the same table. That way, you’ll be surrounded by your best friends during that special event.


Consider to separate table for kids

If you are sure that some children will come as guests at the reception, getting them to seat together at separated table is a great strategy. You can get them occupied by having engaging activities for kids.

Wedding Seating Chart Template Design

Organizing the seating arrangements for your wedding reception might seem like an overwhelming task. However, with the help of wedding seating chart template, it may turn into easy and fun activity. It can also be used as an ultimate guide to have neat and organized table sets.

Download Wedding Seating Chart Template

By using wedding seating chart template, you are already one step closer to get the planning done. Download it now for free and create a great seating chart start from now.

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