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Win a Gig by Using a Theatre Resume Template


As an actor/actress, you still need to make a resume. It is used to showcase your past experiences as well as to apply for a gig. The theatre resume is also known as an actor resume. It is a document that highlights your theatre and acting experiences, mentioning your stage roles, attended education, and sometimes your personal appearance. It is not that hard to make a resume yourself. However, if you need it in such a hurry, you can use a theatre resume template. Well, you don’t have to get bothered with various designing hassle since the resume can be ready in just 15 minutes!

Theatre Resume Template Components

Just like other types of resume, this template allows you to input data; including:


  • Personal information and contact information

Templates are unable to use if they don’t provide enough spaces to explain who you are. This aspect is fundamental in a resume, because that’s how the recruiter knows about their applicants. You can also add a portrait to the resume.

  • Career Experiences

Include your best, recent gigs into the resume and mention which role you took. That will give the recruiter an insight about your competence in this field.

  • Education history

Well, no need to list up your primary school. Just add your latest formal school that you were attending. You can also add several trainings related to the field to enhance your resume.

Theatre Resume Template Design


One thing you need to underline is you don’t have to make it wordy and colorful. Use short words and simple design, yet catchy enough to attract the recruiter.


  1. Colors

In a resume, it’s better to employ a template that has few color combinations. It is not a children’s book, and you have to be professional as well.

  1. Icons

Use icons. Find a theatre resume template with icons so you don’t have to find the icons yourself. Normally, people use icons in terms of contact information and their list of skills.

  1. Fonts

Use fonts that help your resume to look professional. If you are confused about which fonts to choose, you can start with serif fonts. Don’t use more than four font variations; three font types are considered enough.


How to Customize the Theatre Resume Template


First of all, you need the data that you will convert into a resume. Also, prepare the best portrait of yours.

Type the keyword, ‘theatre resume template’ on your search engine and find the best, matching template that suits your preference as well.

Using the app in relevance, open the template file and do the customization. You can also add a section to the resume template.

Make it neat. Do a thorough check before rendering the file into an image/PDF file.

Save the edited and personalized template file.

Render/export the template into its printer-friendly type file.

How to Succeed with Your Theatre Resume Template


The statistic shows that the recruiter often reads the resume in less than a minute. So, you need to excel in making an eye-catching resume that will result in an interview, and if that goes well, your hiring. To begin with, you can build an excellent professional summary objective.

Good visuals of the resume also play a role. That’s why the need for a perfect theatre resume template is fundamental. The last and the most important aspect is your skills. Show how bright your talents are, but don’t do too much show-off.


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