Stocker Job Description – Understanding The Main Duties And Requirements



A stocker is also known as the inventory clerk. the person is responsible for distributing the products to the stores and also make sure the company’s products are noticeable and well-displayed with attractive prices. Besides, the stocker is also responsible for answering various queries from the customers. You can learn further about the stocker job description in the following summary.

The Responsibilities In The Stocker Job Description

Providing Customer Service

The stocker mostly works visibly while stocking the merchandise. Usually, they will get various queries from the customers. Because of these responsibilities, the stockers know well about the products and they will get various questions related to certain products.

Stocking Merchandise

Stocking the merchandise is the main job description that the person must maintain and stock the shelves. They make sure the product is well placed, clean, and neat. The stocker should make sure the display is attarctive.

Receiving Products

The stockers are the ones who are responsible to transport the products from the warehouse to the stores. They have to distribute these products in many nice positions. Besides, the stockers must maintain the shelves by making sure the displays get sufficient stocks.

Maintaining The Products

The maintenance includes giving the price tags, placing the products in a clean place, making attractive displays, packing the items, etc.

The Requirements To Be A Stocker

The main requirements to be a stocker are as follow:

  • Education background – The candidate must at least have a high school qualification with experience in the retail world.
  • Skills and other requirements – The person must be good at the appearance and friendly. He/she must be good physically especially postures as the candidates will move the stuff a lot. Additionally, he/she must good at communication.


What Are The Roles Of A Stocker?

A stocker is responsible for stocking the retailers and distribute the products throughout the stores regularly. The stockers have to make sure that products are well-displayed and noticeable. Note that the stockers are working independently but usually they are under the supervision of the managers.

What Are To Consider Before Applying As A Stocker?

A stocker should distribute the products which means you have to move a lot. It is important to have a river’s license and know well areas around your companies. Or at least, you have a strong ability in reading the maps and physically strong. Furthermore, learn well the job description written by the company in the job vacancy. make sure you are also eligible in administrative and non-administrative requirements. Additionally, a strong commitment must be had before you decide to work with a company. Lastly, find the salary information. You can ask your friend who has ever worked in this field or find a forum or authentic articles that discuss it. However, the salary always depends on the companys policy.

What Are The General Duties Of A Stocker?

There are various responsibilities that must be done by a stocker. This includes providing customer service, stocking merchandise, receiving products from the warehouse, and maintaining the cleanliness of the stores.

If you want to work as a stocker, make sure you know the consequences and learn well the stocker job description. Find and do deep research on what kind of job you will receive from certain companies. Some of them might have an additional job description. The above summary is the general summary which we expect you will be able to figure out what kind of responsibilities you will have.


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