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Using simple resume template is important when you try to apply for something, like college or job. You will have to provide your resume to make sure that the company or college can read your profile and hire (or accept) you. These are some great templates of the resume. They are really simple and because sometimes the simpler, the better, you definitely need these templates.

Simple Resume Template Function


Obviously the main usage of simple resume template is to write down your profile. The resume will tell who you are and provide information about your education history, previous job experience and many more. Without the template, it will be quite impossible to write down everything in order, especially when you have never done that before.


Simple Resume Template Elements


While looking for the template, make sure that they have the space to write these elements:


  • Basic Information

It contains the full name and date of birth. Usually, this is the only personal or basic information you should include on a resume.


  • Education History

As you are using the resume to go looking for a job, the employer must figure out your education history. Write them on the resume in detail.

  • Working Experience

If you have previous working experience, especially the one on the same field as the applied job, you have to include them on the resume.


  • Contact Number

This is the most important part. Make sure the resume contains your contact number. Phone number and email address should be displayed there.


Simple Resume Template Design


There are some designs often used in a resume. Some of them are:


Traditional Design

This design looks just good old resume. They do not have eye-catching color or design. Essentially, this is probably the most formal kind of simple resume.

Minimalist Design

If you want to include pictures or a bit of designs here and there, you can. The design is minimalist and the resume is still easy to read and comprehend.


Elegant Design

When you want to stand out and get accepted, surely you want the resume to look nothing like the ordinary one. Elegant design here uses stripes of colors and illustrations to make it more fun to read.


Modern Design

Modern design here is usually done by the millennial or the youngsters. They use contemporary design for the resume to make it looks nothing like resume. It looks like a magazine layout instead.


Simple Resume Template Usage


To use this particular simple resume template here, you need to make sure that you have downloaded the right resume with the format that you can handle. Then, open up the downloaded file. Then, prepare your information to write on there. Next, edit the document and make sure that everything is written correctly. After that, the resume is ready to get printed.

There is no doubt that the better the resume, the greater your chance to get accepted or hired. This is why you need to download the necessary files up there. The templates are all great to use and you can definitely make a good, simple resume with the simple resume template available up there. Get them now by clicking on the template that you like.


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