Short Order Cook Job Description: Things To Be Prepared To Become A Qualified Short Order Cook



A short order cook is a person who works to prepare food on fast service and simple meals. If you want to write an application, it is suggested to read the short order cook job description below, so you can get a better understanding. The job description includes the duties, requirements, and objective statements you can use in your application. Without any further ado, you can check the job description below.

There are some duties in the short order cook job description of this job. Below are the lists of the duties you are supposed to accomplish:

· Pick up customers’ orders and prepare food according to the specifications.

· Fry and cook the foods based on the customers’ orders.

· Manage the orders, so the customers do not need to wait for a long time.

  • Garnish the foods, especially hamburgers and other meats.
  • Provide proper services, such as giving steam tables and plating the food.
  • Accept pay bills and give change.
  • Place orders to re-stock the condiments for making the foods.
  • Keep the equipment and tools clean and neat.


Several vital requirements in the short order cook job description provided below will include the educational background, skills, and techniques that an applicant has to be implemented in this job. If you want to improve your application, here are the requirements and skills you are occupied to have.

  • Ashort order cook must have at least a high school diploma degree or equal to be accepted in this position.
  • A short order cook who also has completed OJT of techniques of preparing and sanitizing food will be preferred.
  • An applicant should be able to work efficiently and multitasking.
  • Also, an applicant has to be able to work in a group and have a good sense of taste.
  • The person in charge needs to have strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • An applicant needs to have good dexterity and agile physic.

Before you send the application to the company, another thing you must pay attention to in the short order cook job description is the objective statements.  The statements presented below will assist you to have a better preparation to be a success short order cook in the future.

  • I am seeking for this position and be part of the company, so I can improve my skills here.
  • I have five years of working experience in the same role and I can meet the standards that have been set by the company.
  • To obtain the short order cook position, I have attached all training that I have finished before.
  • I have dexterity physic and other skills demand in this position, so there will be no worries to work in your company.

All in all, the job description provided above is hoped to improve the result of your application, so you can beat other candidates. In this case, you may also consider the essential information while preparing your application. Apply well and good luck!


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