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Refund Policy Template for Stores, Small Business and More


Using refund policy template is like very essential when you own a business. To protect you from customer backlash or a huge loss at the end, you need to set up a refund policy right from the start of the business. The related information for that will be shown over here. Some templates are also available right here for you.

Refund Policy Template Function


What are the functions of refund policy? You can safely say that it will protect you from overbearing customers. There are tons of them that are simply disrespectful and they will blame eveything that happens on the goods their purchase on the store, even though they are the one actually blame. The refund policy will help getting rid of those customers. That is why you need the refund policy template.

Refund Policy Template Elements


What elements should you find on the template? Here are some essential ones to find out:


  • Requirements

Make sure you enlist the things the customer needs to provide in order to get some refund. The requirements must make sense and understandable.

  • Types of Refunds

Most customers will expect their money back when doing refund. However, if you have other types of refunds offered, such as points or voucher, let them know.

  • Contact Person

To make sure angry customers do not storm the store like crazy, there is an essential need to put the contact person to call on the refund information.

  • Warranty

Refund has nothing to do with warranty but sometimes the customers just do not care about it. Explain that bit on this section to let them know that warranty does not mean their money back.


Refund Policy Template Examples


These are some examples to use when writing refund policy:


Store Refund Policy

If you own a store, this is the refund policy example that can be used. It is straight forward and it can be applied to protect your store from despicable customers.

E-Commerce Refund Policy

E-commerce business is prone of refund things as customers do not pick the real goods on their own. Protect your online e-commerce business using a good, solid refund policy.

Small Business Refund Policy

To start a small business, you need a lot of preparations, including getting these policies. Write a good small business refund policy using this example right here.

Retail Refund Policy

Retail is generally larger and has tons of customers. Let them understand about the refund policy by writing them vividly according to this example.


Refund Policy Template Formats


The format for the refund policy template is best to be doc format. The main star of the policy display is the information or content, not the design. This is the reason why you need to make sure that the policy is printable and easy to use. It can be found on the doc format.

Select the needed template you need. It will be better with the one on doc format. You need to use Microsoft Word, which is a very common and easy tool to use. Get the right template now and the refund policy template will make your job a lot easier.



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