Real Estate Lawyer Job Description Template, Responsibilities and Requirements


A real estate lawyer can also be called a real estate attorney. It is a certified professional who oversees the legal aspects of a real estate transaction. He or she prepares and reviews legal documents that relate to real estate, negotiates the transaction terms & conditions, and facilitates the transfer of titles. For more detailed, let’s see the following real estate lawyer job description.

Real Estate Lawyer Job Description Template

We are hiring a real estate lawyer who has excellent analytical & negotiation skills. As a real estate lawyer, you are tasked to display influential decision making. That is why you must have great skills of research & communication.

A good real estate lawyer must be well-informed, professional & organized while ensuring that the transactions of real estate are binding, legal & in best interest. The candidates must have good skills of written & public speaking. This real estate lawyer job description template will be useful for you.

Real Estate Lawyer Responsibilities

A real estate lawyer is responsible for many tasks and duties. The following real estate lawyer responsibilities will list what a real estate has to do:

  • Monitors real estate documentation legal risk and accordingly advises clients
  • Interpret regulations, rulings & laws for real estate transactions
  • Drafts and negotiates transactions of real estate
  • Drafts regular leases & amendments
  • Ensures that appropriate approvals are taken before execution of real estate transactions
  • Manages compliance & regulatory related to services
  • Represents the company in sales & purchases of properties
  • Defends municipal code litigation
  • Supports needs of legal & general advisory related to a big-scale real estate portfolio

Real Estate Lawyer Requirements

There are some required qualifications to be met by the candidates who apply for this position. Here is the list of real estate lawyer requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in law
  • Admitted as a notary public
  • Experience in industry knowledge and real estate law such as purchase & sale transactions, property management, lease transactions & litigation
  • Experience in insurance claims, curative, and underwriting
  • Good Foreclosure understanding
  • Analytical thinker
  • Good skills of conceptual & research
  • Natural leader
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability of working under pressure
  • Excellent skills of communication, interpersonal and public speaking
  • Proficient wit Ms. Office programs

Real Estate Lawyer FAQs

What does a real estate lawyer do?

The main responsibilities of a real estate lawyer include preparing and reviewing legal documents that relate to real estate, negotiating the transaction terms & conditions, and facilitating the transfer of titles.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Everyone is allowed to use the real estate attorney job description posted here. After you download it, you can easily edit it by adding or removing details based on your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a real estate lawyer?

Besides the real estate lawyer job description, this web also provides interview question samples for real estate lawyer candidates. You can find them on another page.


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