Production Assistant Job Description – The Career Path In Filming Industries


A production assistant is a person who works in films or TV shows sets. This position is usually assigned to help to set the equipment, running errands as well as distributing scripts. Here are some details about the production assistant job description that you can learn.

The Responsibilities And Duties In The Production Assistant Job Description

  • Helping to set the lights, equipment, props, and other preparation in the TV shows or movie sets.
  • Assisting the directors, camerapeople, designers, and other crew members in doing their tasks.
  • Helping distributing daily paperwork for example call sheets and scripts.
  • Escorting the actors during film productions as well as helping to coordinate extract.
  • Conducting the crowd during the film productions.
  • Directing pedestrians away from the film sets.
  • Conducting lockdown to make the production run smoothly.
  • Becoming a runner by helping to distribute the items, and stuff needed by the crew and the casts.
  • Performing administrative duties such as printing the paperwork, copying the file for the film sets, answering phones, etc.
  • Running the errands.
  • Delivering messages to the staff.
  • Helping other staff in the budgeting process.


Skills Required In The Production Assistant Job Description

To be a professional production assistant, you need to have the following important skills.

  • A good multitasking skill will be the first thing to have because you will perform the various job from administrative duties until running the errands.
  • Good management skill is required to as you will do different jobs from time to time.
  • Good organizational skills another skill to add as you will also do some tasks with other staff on the filming sets.
  • Good skills in budgeting.
  • A willingness for working in flexible hours
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Mastering computer literacy.
  • Having a strong physical condition.

Working as a production assistant is not a small path. It probably can lead you to a bigger chance such as a production coordinator. If you are interested to be a cameraman, you can continue your career as a camera assistant. There is much chance you can take from some various tasks you have performed before.

If you want to start your career, after reading the production assistant job description, you can start making a resume. For a start, finding an idea from our objective statement will be a good way.

  • I would like to apply as a production assistant to gain more experience working in the movie industry.
  • I am a hard-working person and willing to push forward working as a production assistant in your project.
  • I am interested in filming industries and willing to be a production assistant as a start or my career journey. I would love it if you give me a chance.
  • I have experience working in the film industries and I want to run the errands and grow with your company.
  • The movie is my passion, I would like to work as a production assistant. I would love to hear the news that you will give me a chance to show my skills.

If you are interested to work in this sector, make sure you understand well what is stated in the production assistant job description. Next, you can level up your career once you master every aspect of this industry. Nothing is impossible.

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