Price Sheet Template for Several Purposes

You can use price sheet template to create the relevant and eligible price list. It is not just enlisting products and their price. Furthermore, you can see the section for basic information, such as name, store, buyer, company, and seller. With the template, creating this sheet is simpler and faster. You just focus on contents, while the design and layout are already fixed.

Price Sheet Template Purposes

You can use price sheet template for some purposes. Knowing the price is useful, especially if you have tight budget for shopping. On the other side, the company uses this sheet as a part of marketing for further trade with clients or partner.

Shopping list

Shopping list uses the sheet that contains goods and price. You can see how much to spend on certain product. This list is created for users or buyers.

Marketing and advertisement

One of important purposes for having price sheet is to be used as marketing and advertisement. You may have product that’s ready to enter the market. Firstly, you should create catalogue, including the price sheet then share it with others.


Business trade

This sheet is commonly available when company sends order. In business to business trading, each will provide the price list regarding products and services.

Price comparison

A sheet can have only single type of product. For example, you can make price sheet for laptop or smartphone based on particular capability and specs. You can enlist all products on the market with their price. Compare one and others to find the good deal.


Pricing model

The company requires data and review from existing price sheet. It is necessary for pricing model before the product is launched. On the other side, the model will affect the existing price in the upcoming release.

Price Sheet Template Design

This sheet has several designs depending on the purpose. For marketing, you can pick simple and elegant design with casual layout. It has attractive background and color. On contrary, some sheets are for professional and official purpose. In this case, you can choose the design with formal layout.

Price Sheet Template Components

To know more about the price sheet template, you should explore its components. The template is just reference before you make a price sheet that’s compatible with your needs. More components will be listed at the following section

Price sheet title

Goods or services


Quantity and total

Store, buyer, seller, and related parties

One difference between price sheet and list is you put more information on the sheet. In fact, the price itself is a part of the sheet. That’s why you see several sections, such as goods, price, and total.

Price Sheet Template Benefits

You get several benefits when using this template. Firstly, it is ready file that everyone can edit and modify. It utilizes platform and format that everyone knows. You can find software and application that’s compatible with the template.

The next benefit is to obtain the template as free file. You should spend the budget on the most important thing. For the price sheet, free template is more than enough. As long as the design and layout can fulfill your need, the price sheet template is definitely the best solution.

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