10+ Pitch Deck free psd template

Pitch Deck Template with Practical Content and Design

You have a business idea, and some investors want to know more about it. To make sure they understand what the business you offer, you need the pitch deck presentation. The name comes from situation and location where people must give short speech about something. In that case, you need a reliable pitch deck template.

Pitch Deck Template Idea and Purpose

The template provides guidance on how to make pitch deck effectively. It is not just regular presentation with fancy design. The content and components must be in the right place. Furthermore, you need to justify the purpose of using pitch deck template.

Brief introduction

The main purpose of this template is to ensure you have a proper brief introduction. During meeting, people want to grasp what you offer before further decision. The brief introduction about something will be useful as reference.

Business summary

The pitch deck is a short version of business proposal. You have hundreds pages explaining the business in detail. Each aspect is explained vividly. However, investor wants the summary regarding the entire content. This is where you rely on the pitch deck presentation.


Marketing strategy

Using this one for marketing strategy is good idea. Today, everything has to be short and simple. Customers and clients do not like hearing tons or meaningless word. Therefore, the pitch deck is the right choice for this kind of situation on marketing.


Academic and educational purpose

The next purpose is to use a pitch deck presentation for academic and educational field. Teachers make short presentation before exploring more about specific topic. After the research is done, this presentation is useful to sum everything until the conclusion is made.

Pitch Deck Template Design and Style

The style for pitch deck template is various. It is ready file that you can adjust with any situation and need. Mostly, the style is formal and looks official. A pitch deck is mostly used during business session. That’s why you often see some formal words.

Pitch Deck Template Components

You will know more about this template after understand each component. There is no strict rule about what contents and items you must put into this presentation. As long as the key objective is delivered, any component is welcome.

Homepage and title

As usual, the first page contains title regarding the business proposal, review, or idea. The title must be short and precise. For academic field, you can add the title as same as the research paper.

Company name

The company name is necessary for audiences. They want to know the person in charge and where the presentation comes from. The name may be organization, individual, or anything that holds the responsibility for making a pitch deck.


Main content

The main content is available up to five topics. Make sure the presentation does not have more than 20 slides. The average is between 13 and 16. Less than 10 are definitely out of option.

Pitch Deck Template Formats

Pitch deck template is for presentation, which means the format is usually PowerPoint. Of course, you can get others, such as word, pdf, even PSD. As long as the template can work with compatible software, you may create any pitch deck.

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