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How to Design the White Paper Template

If you have the desire to organize and share your company’s profound knowledge about the business in which it is involved, it is an excellent idea if you want to pour all those knowledge in a white paper template. A white paper is one way of distributing your business experience and a prominent marketing strategy.

What is White Paper Template?

In short, a white paper template is a medium for writing a report that tells the readers about a complex subject in a concise way. It is aimed to assist the readers in understanding the complicated issue, how to fix it, and how to make a decision.

A lot of research and data are needed to write one. Reading a white paper also takes a significant amount of time. For the content itself, you need to use formal language.

How to Choose a Topic for White Paper Template

In business, a white paper is used as a documentation of the company’s sector knowledge. All these documentation are made for outsiders. It is also a helpful tool to draw the readers to your company by giving them with high-quality information about your business. In order to grab the readers’ attention, there are several factors you must consider:

You have to know your audience before writing a white paper. You also have to put yourself as the audience and determine possible questions they might want to ask.

Choose a template that suits and emphasizes your business’ expertise.

Do the research and try to find a solution that answers common issues, new trends in the industry, and so on.

What to Write in White Paper Template

Since white paper is a type of a lengthy report, you need to write an outline first to arrange what you want to write. Below are the elements you should include in your white paper template:


Actually, deciding the headline is the last procedure in an outlining write paper. But there’s no problem if you want to think about it first.



Write a concise summary of 200 words. Think of this summary as an introduction to the issue you want to write.



Pin all the points you want to elaborate through your writing in an introduction.


A lot of white papers use sidenotes to provide additional information or data about the topic of the white paper. Make a list of potential information you want to add to your sidenotes.



Just like writing a summary, write a concise conclusion that encompasses the main point of your subject.

Customizing White Paper Template

As you already know, a white paper is a lengthy report, and it contains a lot of text and much additional information. In order to draw the readers’ attention, you should know how to play with the visual elements of your write paper. The free white paper template might reduce your task, but you still have to make a choice regarding the color, layout, font type, size, and many more. All these visual elements must be considered carefully since it has a significant role in drawing the audience.

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