Pediatric Physical Therapist Job Description and its FAQ


A pediatric physical therapist has an important job and they usually work with children and young adults. They also will examine the children from birth to age 18 ages that have a problem with the physical activities. Therefore, you need to have a pediatric physical therapist job description that will help you to get the best candidate to work with you.

The pediatric physical therapist job description template 

A pediatric physical therapist has an important role to work so that you need to be careful to select the candidate for this job. You need to look for an able and dedicated pediatric physical therapist that will treat the musculoskeletal problems and develop the mobility of infants, children, and also adolescents to face various health conditions.

Besides, a pediatric physical therapist also has other responsibilities such as improving the children’s motor development, strength, range of motion, balance, endurance, and so forth.

If you want to be a successful pediatric physical therapist, you need to be able to work under the stress and alleviate the frustrations of the patients and the families. A top candidate for this job is patient and strong physical endurance and manual adroitness.

The pediatric physical therapist responsibilities 

The pediatric physical therapist has some responsibilities to know for the candidate. Some pediatric physical therapist responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Make a unique, individualized treatment plan that will outline the treatment goals and method to be used
  • Interview the children and family members using physical examination to diagnose the source of children’s movement difficulties
  • Assist the children to study moving the bodies correctly and make their movement less painful to increase the functions of injuries body parts
  • Evaluate the patient and monitor the progress
  • Apply the techniques such as functional training and exercise, medication, diet, changes, and specialized equipment to treat the alleviate pain
  • Make coordination for a child’s care with another healthcare professional
  • Give an expert consultation into school and daycare
  • Teach the children and the families about safety and home exercise 

The pediatric physical therapist requirements 

A pediatric physical therapist has some requirements that should be fulfilled. Some pediatric physical therapist requirements descriptions are:

  • A doctorate of physical therapy especially in pediatric physical therapy
  • Understanding in a supervised internship is advantageous
  • A state license to practice pediatric physical therapy
  • Capability to work long hours as well as some evening and weekend shifts
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail, patience, and empathy
  • Manual skill and physical endurance to lift the patients and heavy equipment

The pediatric physical therapist FAQ

What does a pediatric physical therapist do?

The pediatric physical therapist has the main duties to help the patient treating the problems caused by illness or diseases. They will perform therapy with children from birth to 18 years of age. Therefore, detailed information should be written in the pediatric physical therapist job description template.

Can I edit the pediatric physical therapist job description here?

Of course, you can customize the sample pediatric physical therapist job description. The file is easy to edit because it is designed editable. Therefore, you can add or change any detailed information on our pediatric physical therapist job description without any difficulties.


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