Oracle Database Administrator Job Description and Its Requirements


An Oracle Database Administrator is usually called an Oracle DBA. He or she develops, implements, and maintains the Oracle database of a company. This is the most famous Enterprise IT database management system for businesses from small to medium. It is very important to understand the Oracle Database Administrator job description in detailed. In this article, we will discuss it further.

Oracle Database Administrator Job Description Template

We are hiring an Oracle Database Administrator. In this position, you are tasked to manage the Oracle database system of our company. Here, you have to install & maintain database software, make storage structures, debug malfunctioning, set up user accounts, make backups, & maintain database security.

Besides that, you must have experience with DBA front-end & back-end tools, experience with Oracle database management, and excellent skills of problem solving. For the more detailed, you can see the following Oracle Database Administrator job description template.

Oracle Database Administrator Responsibilities

Since an Oracle DBA is a very important position, there are many tasks and duties to do. Below is the detailed list of Oracle Database Administrator responsibilities:

  • Installs and maintains Oracle Database software
  • Creates storage database structures that have high-level security features
  • Alters storage structure in order to meet the company’s evolving needs
  • Sets up database user accounts
  • Trains users on the way of accessing information in the database
  • Finds and debugs malfunctioning programs affecting that affect the database integrity
  • Creates autonomous database backups
  • Updates database security protocols regularly

Oracle Database Administrator Requirements

We are welcome for everyone who applies for this job position. However, there are many required qualifications to meet. So, all the candidates have to meet the following Oracle Database Administrator requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Work experience in the relevant field especially as a DBA
  • Familiarity with Oracle database coding, design & documentation
  • Knowledge of database SQL, recovery systems, and backup procedures
  • Knowledge of API and programming languages
  • Excellent skills of problem solving and communication
  • Ability of visualizing algorithmic structures

Oracle Database Administrator FAQs

What does an Oracle Database Administrator do in a company?

An Oracle Database Administrator has many tasks & duties. However, the main responsibilities are to develop, implement, and maintain the Oracle database of a company. For the more detailed task and duties, you can see the job description template available here.

Can I edit the posted Oracle Database Administrator job description here?

Of course, you can. In this article, we provide an editable Oracle Database Administrator job description template. You can use it free. So, after you download the job description template, you can edit it first to fit your needs. You can easily add or remove the details in it.

Do you have interview questions for an Oracle Database Administrator?

Besides the Oracle Database Administrator job description, we also provide a collection of interview questions. If you want it, you can find the interview question samples on another page on this web.


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