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Becoming a nurse can give you a lot of opportunities to help others and get satisfying feelings in the end. Yet, it can also take a lot of responsibilities to do. To be a nurse, one has to have the qualifications and receive proper training or go to medical school beforehand. If you are planning to have a nurse as your career opportunity, this article can be a good option for you to understand related things about a nurse.

One thing that you need to prepare when applying for a nurse is submitting a good resume. To pass the first screening stage in the hiring process, and effective nurse resume is needed. For those who don’t know how to create one, this information below is available for you.

Sample of Nurse Resume

This sample below can be a reference for you when you are creating your nurse resume.

Stephanie Abbot

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 222-333-444



Certified nursing staff with over five years of experience in burning and ICU units to provide the best patient care. I am familiar with pre-and post-surgery treatment and procedures to prepare and help the patients’ recovery process. I am an active member of the American Association of Certified Nursing Staff of Critical Units where I attended numerous training work, seminars, and volunteer work to improve my knowledge and quality as nursing staff.


Certified Nursing Staff in ICU Unit

2015 – 2020

  • Performing high-level patient care for pre-and post-surgical procedures
  • Assisting physicians in performing medical treatment and procedure
  • Checking vital signs of the patients in the ICU unit from blood pressure, weight, and height, any irregularities symptoms shown
  • Performing effective medical treatments for patients in ICU to the recovery stage
  • Collecting patients’ data
  • Monitoring patients’ condition throughout the recovery process in ICU
  • Giving updates to the doctor regarding the patients’ condition


Certified ICU Nursing, American Association of Critical-Unit Nursing Programs

2013 – 2015

Bachelor Degree at ABC Medical School

2009 – 2013

GPA: 3.77

Relevant Coursework: Clinical Judgment, Professional Critical Care and Ethical Practice

Graduation: 2015

Membership: American Association of Certified Nursing Staff of Critical Units

Key Skills

  • Compassionate
  • Friendly
  • Supportive
  • Patient Planning Care
  • Pain Management
  • Nursing Leadership


  • Best Graduate GPA, 2013


  • English
  • Spanish

How do I Write Nurse Resume?

In writing an effective nurse resume, there are things you have to remember. These points are here to give you guidelines.

  • Choose the best resume format. It will be the first thing to notice by the employer, so make sure you choose right
  • Include personal contact
  • Write a powerful career summary, but don’t overdo it
  • List relevant nursing experience and nursing key skills
  • Explain your nursing qualifications and specialty
  • Add some certifications and licenses, if there is any

What to Include in Nurse Resume?

There are a lot of things you want to write on a nurse resume but the fact shows that you only need several key information to pass the first resume screening. Here is what you need to include in your nurse resume.

  • Skills and work responsibilities you have in your previous job
  • Unit details with several beds and facility details. It is more than enough for an employer to see your capability
  • Nursing Licenses and certificates
  • An additional experience like training or volunteer work

Key Skills to Write on Nurse Resume

Among all the skills you have, cross out the irrelevant ones and make sure you have the following skills on the resume.

  • CPR and first-aid treatment
  • Basic clinical nursing skills that include time management, organization, professionalism
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Compassionate and empathy

Tips to Write an Outstanding Nurse Resume

After knowing how to write and what to include in a nurse resume, one last thing you need to remember is these several tips to strengthen your resume.

  • Always stick to the truth. Applicants often want to impress the employer by overwriting their resume, when it’s not supposed to happen. Believe in yourself and show the best you have
  • Proofread. Small mistakes like grammatical errors, misspelling, wrong punctuations, and capitalizations can lead to an unfavorable situation for you during the resume screening
  • Design and layout. This is a matter of preference but it doesn’t harm to give a professional look in choosing the design and information layout. If you don’t know how to do it, you can use the available templates below.

Kinds of Nurse Resume Template

If you want to save your time in creating a nurse resume, here are several resume templates that you can use based on your situation.

Critical Nurse Resume Template

This template is designed for critical nurse positions by focusing on the skills needed and the experience in the field. It also has a section of qualifications that can improve your value to the employers.

Simple Nursing Resume Template

Sometimes, the resume doesn’t have to be fancy to cover all the information. This template employs a basic and simple resume format that is easy to read and covers all the crucial information.

Health Nurse Resume Template

This resume template works in most cases as it is expected for the health nurse. It provides general information on what most nurses need to do so you need to change the information to match yours.

Nursing Assistant Resume in Word

If you are looking for a resume that is written in Word, this nursing assistant template can be a good option. It is editable and you can suit it with your situation and it saves your time as well.

Student Nurse Resume

This resume template can be used by students who want to apply for an internship or training in healthcare facilities. Written specifically for students, this resume focuses on the key skills and strong career objective in front of the employer.

Fertility Nurse Resume

If you want to be a fertility nurse, save your time and use this time. You just need to tweak it a little bit here and there, and it’s ready.

Care Nurse Resume Template

To make sure that you have a professional resume for a care nurse, download this template and be ready to pass the initial hiring process.

Graduate Nurse Resume

When you just graduated and try to find work experience, this template helps you as the stepping stone to get your first job. It provides a thorough resume with comprehensive information on your skills and achievement.

ICU Nurse Resume in Word

For ICU nurses, use this template for its easiness to edit. It provides the experience that you have, the skills, and a professional career summary to catch the employer’s attention.

Free Download Telemetry Nurse Resume

It is free, it is editable, and it saves your time. What else do you need? This telemetry nurse resume template gives what you need and shift your attention to other hiring preparation other than writing the resume.





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