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Free Fun Printable Movie Ticket Template Samples

A typical movie night with family or friend doesn’t have to be bland. You can turn it into a fun activity by using homemade movie tickets as a wonderful keepsake item. Check out printable movie ticket template below that you can customize yourself to create your own cinema at home.

Movie Ticket Template Design

Having movie ticket template as admission for any guest at your movie night party will make the common activity becomes more exciting. If you are someone who loves to have such an occasion, you might as well invite your guests and make it feel like a real movie theater or movie screening experience. All that’s left to do is just to prepare snacks, then set the decoration here and there, and voila! You have created a remarkable night.

Movie Ticket Template Content

The format and design of home cinema’s ticket doesn’t need to be complicated. However, to make it seems legit, do include some information below:

The cinema’s name: it is probably the most important part of the ticket, the factor that makes your event stands out and easy to remember. Feel free to find some creative, amusing, and unique name for your homemade theater.

Date of the movie party: to let your guest know when the movie party is held, put the detailed date on the ticket as if it’s an invitation card. Do not forget to put the exact time as well. You may also include where the movie night will take place. Moreover, if the space allowed, put admission number for each ticket as the cinema’s ticket has seat number.

Title of the movie: now, if the movie that’s going to be watched is already decided, you have to put it on the ticket. It is also possible to provide information about the director, stars, and casts of the movie.

Movie Ticket Template Ideas

After you have picked movie ticket template to download and use, it is time to edit it. Input the elements that have been mentioned above in the ticket, with accurate information. It will be better to use thick material such as card stock or construction paper. For fun edge, cut it using serrated scissor. Another fun way to print the ticket is by using sticker paper as some sort of a keepsake.

The ticket will give an interesting twist to your usual weekend home movie sprees. Then all that’s left is just sat down and enjoy the fun movie night. After administering the given ticket, your guests may get popcorn, chocolate, and drinks. It is hard to go wrong with such a perfect setup.

Free Download Movie Ticket Template

To make your movie night event went even more special, download and print the movie ticket template here in this page. It is available for absolutely free. Moreover, the template can be personalized to match with your needs without any editing skill and without requiring plenty of your time, so it makes the whole planning becoming much easier

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