10+ Medical Assistant Resumes


Medical Assistant Resumes

Medical assistants usually do both administrative and clinical duties. Most of the time, they will be supervised by doctors or other professionals in the healthcare field. Medical assistants work together with doctors in explaining to the patients about the treatment procedures, collecting specimens and bringing them to the laboratory and gathering patients’ history. Meanwhile, the administrative duties of medical assistants are such as updating patients’ medical records, filling insurance forms and scheduling appointments. When you are interested in applying for a position as a medical assistant, you must be able to show that you can perform those duties well through a professional resume. One solution for you is to look at some medical assistant resumes and choose the one that fits your personal details.

Writing a professional resume when you have never done it before might feel challenging for you. Therefore, you can check out the medical assistant resume with no experience and use the ideas to write your own professional resume.

Sample of Medical Assistant Resume

The medical assistant resume below will give you guidance in writing professional medical assistant resumes.

Carlos Finn

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 525-525-525

Email: carlos.finn@gmail.com


An organized and experienced medical assistant with more than 2 years of professional working experience. I am passionate in providing care to patients by offering modern and advanced patient care and medical techniques. In previous work places, on average I served 30 patients each day.


Medical Assistant at MEDi Clinic


  • Monitoring around 30 patients each day (assessing their medical condition, obtaining patients’ vital signs and preparing patients for medical treatment
  • Ordering medical, lab, and x-ray supplies electronically as directed
  • Assisting physician and nurse with patients care and treatment
  • Setting up, sterilizing instruments and restocked laundry
  • Helping to implement quality assurance

Volunteer Medical Assist18ant at FastCare Clinic


  • Monitoring more than 15 patients per day (taking temperature, blood pressure, pulse to detect abnormalities
  • Conducting physician referrals
  • Learning emergency medical technique


Associate Degree – Medical Assistant at BCD College, 2018

GPA: 3.78

Relevant Coursework: physiology and anatomy, medical terminology, phlebotomy, pharmacology, basic surgical assisting, patient care, office administration, clinical courses

Graduation: 2018

Membership: a member of Medical Assistant Association

Key Skills

  • Taking Vital Signs
  • Patient Care
  • Patient Assessment
  • Recording Patients’ History
  • Phlebotomy Certificate
  • Administering Injections
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Preparation

Certifications and Achievements

  • Clinical Medical Assistant Certification
  • Graduate with High GPA


  • English
  • Italian

How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume

You can take the following things into your consideration when writing a medical assistant resume for the first time.

Skills to Put on a Medical Assistant Resume

As a person who wants to go for a medical assistant position, you need to make sure that you have the following skills and include them on your resume.

  • Great communication skills. You must be an active listener to understand and record patients’ specifications and issues accurately.
  • Clerical and organizational skills
  • Medical knowledge to some extent
  • Sanitation and safety knowledge
  • Computer skills
  • Customer Service Skills

Experience Needed by a Medical Assistant

When you are planning to become a medical assistant, you can include some related experience on your medical assistant resume. It is possible for you to be accepted as a medical assistant with your high-school diploma, but most employers prefer candidates who have undergone training or have certifications from accredited programs. Usually those programs last from six weeks until three months.

Kinds of Medical Assistant Resumes

There are several kinds of assistant resumes that you can choose and use as a guidance in writing your own professional medical assistant resume.

Resume Template for  Medical Assistant (Student Entry Level)

Prove that you are a valuable candidate to consider for this position by using this template. There are sections available for you to write your personal details, personal statement, academic qualifications and competencies.

Resume Sample for Certified Medical Assistant

When you already are a certified medical assistant and seeking a job, this template may help you to pursue your dream to become a medical assistant. You can highlight your educational background and your professional experience in the available spaces.

Resume Template for Medical Clinic Assistant

Provided in MS Word format, this template might be the best choice for you since it will be quite easy to adjust the content to suit your personal information. Write down your contact information, resume objective, working history, educational background, volunteering experience and skills in the available spaces.

Resume Template for Medical Office Assistant

If you are looking for a position as a medical office assistant, you may want to use this template as your guidance to write your professional resume. All you have to do is to do some modification on its contents such as areas of expertise and professional experience to fit your personal details. Ready in MS Word format, surely you do not need to face many difficulties in editing its contents.

Resume Template for Medical Support Assistant

This template comes in a simple format and it provides spaces for your resume objective, summary of qualification and working experience. Prove that you are eligible for the position by using this template.

Resume Template for Volunteer Medical Assistant

Having the experience working in this field and wanting to apply for a volunteer position, you can choose this template to write your medical assistant resume. Add your professional summary, licenses, skills, education, training and professional experience in the available sections.

Resume Template for Not Experienced Medical Assistant

If you want to work as a medical assistant but you do not have any professional working experience yet, you can try to use this template. You can focus on writing about your professional summary, core qualifications and experience as an intern. It will also be easy for you to edit because it is in MS Word format.




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