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Massage Gift Certificate Template for Interesting Offer

When feeling exhausted, sometimes you visit the massage parlor. After enjoying the service, the business provides a gift with interesting offer. It is certificate or discount that you may redeem and receive the massage. If you are in charge making this one, massage gift certificate template is the right reference.

Few people may not bother with the design and style as long as the offer is very interesting. With the template, you can make the relevant certificate with elegant design. People will see and want to know it more. After that, you can distribute the gift as a product, or only give it to the close customers.

Massage Gift Certificate Template Purposes

Massage gift certificate template has some purposes. Check more at the following list.

  • A gift from someone

You can get this certificate and send to your friends. They will have a chance to experience relaxing massage. This kind of gift is common in the business, including massage. You may use this one as a gift. This is the main purpose at all.

  • Voucher

The certificate is another version of voucher. You often use it to get the free service or discount. The owner must find a method to attract more customers. Therefore, the voucher is the best option to ensure people come again for more services.

  • Marketing and promotion

As usually, the certificate is also a part of marketing and promotion. The business owner shares and spreads the gift in several platforms, such as social media. People will have interest, and ask how to get one.

Massage Gift Certificate Template Components

You can see that some components on massage gift certificate template are relative similar. Even though the style is various, every component refers to certain aspect.

Title and name

The first part is title, such as voucher, gift, certificate, or anything to represent the entire content. You can also add the name of massage parlor, including the logo.

Background and style

The gift may follow usual voucher style where there is section for basic information. Customers should complete this part before claiming. On the other side, the style is less formal, but elegant enough for the capability that customers will get.


The most important part is the offer. The gift may be for free massage after the customers visit several times. Moreover, you can use this one as currency. Before receiving the service, customers can buy a gift certificate and exchange it with massage. The offer includes discount or reducing price.

Expired date

Make sure you add expired date. People should redeem the certificate before due time. It helps you to expect the next promotion.

Massage Gift Certificate Template Formats

You can find some formats for this template. The simplest one is the plain certificate with enough information regarding the offer and business name. For more attractive format, the business owner chooses format that includes digital design. Logo, photo, picture, text, color, and background are already inside he template. You just edit based on your preference.

Massage Gift Certificate Template Benefits

The good thing about massage gift certificate template is it comes as ready-made file. In addition, you can find tons of style to fulfill any offer. You may make a gift for holiday, Christmas, winter, and special offer. All templates are free to download.

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