LVN Job Description: Essential Information About Your Future Career



What does an LVN do? LVN is the short term for Licensed Vocational Nurse. She serves ill and defective people. She works at hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, or private homes. To know more about an LVN job description, let’s check the following details.

Some Essential Duties in the LVN Job Description

There are some duties that an LVN should do. What are they? Let’s see the following descriptions.

1. Observe and take notes on vital signs

The first duty of an LVN is that she must observe the patients. Then, she needs to take note of their vital signs. This includes pulse, blood pressure, height, weight, temperatures, and other vital signs. Later, she should report it to the doctors.

2. Monitor patients’ medication

The next duty of an LVN is to monitor patients’ prescribed medications. She should check whether the patients have drunk the medicines or not. She needs to remind them so they will not miss their medications.

3. Monitor patients’ progress

Next, in this LVN job description, an LVN has to monitor patients’ progress. She should be sensitive to their health condition changes during the treatments.

4. Assist patients’ personal needs

Another duty of an LVN is that she has to assist the patients’ personal needs. This duty includes changing bandages, showering, dressing, oral care, using toilets, moving in bed, walking, and other activities that a patient cannot do alone.

5. Report progress to patients’ family

The last duty of an LVN is to report the patients’ health condition progress to their families. She is responsible for explaining to them about the patients’ condition. Later, she gives some instructions to them on how they should take care of the patients at home.

Some Essential Requirements in the LVN Job Description

If you are interested in this job description, you need to read some essential requirements below.


1. Have completed the vocational nursing program

The first requirement if you want to be an LVN is that you should have completed a vocational nursing program. It is important since the nursing program gives you train on how to care for the patients.

2. Able to keep patients’ health information

The next requirement is that you should be able to keep patients’ health information. This is crucial to avoid being misused by unwanted parties.

3. Have strong interpersonal skills

The last requirement is that you must have strong interpersonal skills. It is because you take care of ill people, so you need to be patient and remain calm in any conditions.


How does an LVN work?

An LVN works to serve ill and defective people. She usually works at hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, private homes, and other healthcare facilities.

What are the most common duties of this position?

The most common duties are to observe and take notes on patients’ vital signs, monitor patients’ medication, monitor patients’ progress, and other important duties.

What should you do before assigning an LVN job description?

You have to consider the duties of an LVN if you want to assign it. If you feel difficult to start, you can have a look for the list of requirements on the LVN job description above.






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