10+ Instagram Post Template free psd template

Instagram Post Template with Impressive and Attractive Design

Instagram emerges into the huge platform as social media. It starts as the app for sharing photo. After that, you can do many things, even though the main post is still picture or photo. From the basic purpose, this platform expands with several features. You are no longer sharing the common photo, but make it more creative. For such purpose, you need instagram post template.

If you are a person with tons of followers, everything you post will have significant feedback and reaction. For marketing, instagram is good media to share advertisement and new product. For personal branding, you can make the memorable post containing the quotation and caption. Instead of regular style and design, the template is in ready-made layout. You can edit to make the post more impressive and attractive.

Instagram Post Template Ideas

In early days, you could post anything as long as the file is in picture or photo format. Today, instagram provides option for uploading video. The latest one is you can make the live streaming and people watch it directly. Even though the features and services are expanded, the basic is still photo or image.

With instagram post template, you can create unusual post or content. People will comment, like, and ask of how you make such post. Moreover, the template can be your signature. You just modify and add post credit.

Instagram Post Template Concept

People use instagram for many purposes. Sharing photo is just trivial because much potential is capable to be done. Users can develop personal brand and pick some templates for their own style. The concept of this template is depending on what purpose they want to achieve.

Instagram Post Template Design and Options

The next section will be some designs that are available for instagram post template. Even though it is just image, you must look the content as well. Check the following list for some ideas about instagram template.

  • Photos

The most common one is for photo. In general, instagram already has style and template that users may choose. However, it is not enough, and the design is too common. This is where you rely on the third party template.


  • Quote

You often see the post which contains meaningful words. You may find some ready quotes and post directly on Instagram. However, the content is not from you. As alternative, you can pick the words ad put into the template then share it. You may develop your own quotation and let the world know what you think.

  • Invitation

Instagram is the best place for inviting people. If you have event, post the invitation card. The example is for wedding or birthday invitation.


  • Advertisement

Marketing sees the potential of social media and utilize it effectively. This is where you find tons of ads on instagram posts. Some of them are direct selling and other implement indirect advertisement.

Instagram Post Template Format

The good thing about instagram post template is simple and easy to edit. You can open in any software as long as the extension is compatible. The template is accessible via smartphone. You just download an intended file and edit it directly. The format is like plug and play because you do not need any setting. After the post is ready, save and share it automatically.

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