HR Officer Job Description: Essential Information About Your Future Career



What do you know about an HR officer? HR officer is a short term for Human Resource Officer. He is responsible for recruiting employees in a company and also training them. Besides, he has to monitor the employees’ work performances. If you want to know more about HR Officer job description, you can see the details below.

General Responsibilities in the HR Officer Job Description

As an HR Officer, there are several responsibilities to be accomplished. Here is the following explanation.

1. Recruit new employees

The first substantial job that an HR Officer should is recruiting new employees. He must prepare for the job specification that certain positions need. After that, he has to advertise vacant positions and handle the recruiting process.

2. Train new employees

After acquiring employees, an HR Officer has to train them. It is crucial to prepare them ready in the work environment. Usually, the employee will be given their tasks and supervised by the HR Officer. Then an HR Officer will understand whether the employees are already competent or need more training.

3. Monitor employees’ performances

Then, in this HR Officer job description, an HR Officer needs to monitor the performances of employees. He has to ensure that their works are satisfying. An HR Officer also should check their attendances and instil discipline to the employees.

4. Ensure the employee’s welfares

Another duty of an HR Officer is to ensure the employee’s welfares. He should make sure that they receive salaries correctly and punctually. He is also responsible for their safety and healthy at work. An HR Officer needs to provide counselling on the company’s procedures as well.

5. Negotiate salaries

The last task that needs to be done by HR Officer is negotiating salaries. As a recruiter, he has to tell the candidate of employees about how much they will get paid. Some employees might accept it, but some are don’t. Here is the role of HR. He should negotiate it with them and ensure they get win-win solutions. Not only salaries, but HR also have to consider on their contracts.



Several Requirements in the HR Officer Job Description

There are some requirements that an HR Officer should have. Here are the following details.


1. Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource

The initial specification is that you have to be a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource. It is essential since you should fully comprehend the HR functions and practices. Besides, it will be more considerate if you also possess a Labor Relations certificate.

2. Own sufficient experience

The next requirement that you must fulfil is owning sufficient experience. You should have at least 5 years of work experience in Human Resources or related fields. It will be contagious as well if you are experienced training in Payroll Management.

3. Excellent communication skills

Another specification as an HR Officer is possessing excellent communication skills. Being an HR Officer demands you to seek for the potential employees through interviews. Thus, you should have strong communication skills. Besides, you also need to be able to negotiate and provide resolutions.


What does an HR Officer do?

An HR Officer is responsible for recruiting employees in a company and also training them. Besides, he has to monitor the employees’ work performances.

What are the main duties of this position?

The main duties are to recruit new employees, train employees, monitor their work performances, and other crucial duties.

What do you need to know before applying for an HR Officer position?

You need to comprehend the HR Officer tasks before deciding to send your application letter. Besides, you may recite the requirements on the HR Officer job description above when you are difficult to start.


To summarize, that is the details of HR Officer job description. If you want to apply for the position, make sure that you have read the job description.







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