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Gift Card Template with Practical and Editable Design

You can use gift card for several purposes. The term refers to various definition. It is the real card that people send as a gift. On the other side, a card itself has valuable function. In old days, you obtained it and spent on the game. From gift card template, you will learn how to make this kind of card and adjust it with your need.

The template is only for reference. You can edit and modify it depending on any purpose, event, or anything. People often think only big retails and stores that can make gift card. In fact, small business or store is eligible to create this card for customers.

Gift Card Template Idea and Concept

Before exploring gift card template, you should know the idea why this card becomes popular. It was for voucher contained a certain amount of balance. You could spend for purchasing goods or services. The obvious example is in the game industry. You need the gear, token, or anything to boost the capability. For in-game transaction, gamers and users must have a gift card. They can purchase it, and redeem the token digitally.

This is the basic concept of the gift card. Of course, the implementation is not just for a game. Digital goods also rely on this one as a part of payment system. Moreover, you can commonly find a card that contains the amount of money for buying grocery. This is when the small store can develop its own gift card.

Gift Card Template Design

The following list provides some examples that you find as the gift card. It is important to know how the card works, especially for people who will receive it.



Digital payment

Pre-paid card

Gift Card Template Components

Gift card template provides the ready-made files that you can use for designing the relevant card. The design and styles are various, but the key components are necessary to be on that card. Check the following list for further explanation.

Gift card name or title

Firstly, it must contain the name of service, goods, retails, company, or store. You know the card is from certain store due to its name. The design will have logo, symbol, and name as the main preferences.



The nature of gift card is to spend before expired date. This system has significant impact on business model. Moreover, the date becomes reminder for the card owners to ensure they spend it as soon as possible. After that, the card is issued.

Amount of balance

A gift card has amount of balance that you can see it printed on the cover. It should be $5, $20, or more. For games, the balance is digital currency in a particular game.


Additional information

Additional information includes the name of card owner or anything that’s necessary to know. Each card is different, which means you decide what the part that must be on the card.

Gift Card Template Format

Designing this card is not difficult as long as you have the relevant gift card template. It is not digital art that requires complex design. On the other hand, you can even make a gift card with Word. The template has some formats that are compatible with various programs and applications.

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