7+ Functional Resume Template


Functional Resume Template

If you plan to apply for an internship or a job, preparing a resume is the first step you must do. A functional resumecan be the keyto your future since you must be able to provideyour skills and areas of expertise, instead than on the small highlight of your work history. Check this article to get further information about thefunctional resume template.

A functional resume definitely help you choose solely the most relevant duties from each of your previous roles and combine them to paint a broader photo of your talent set. This can prevent you fromlisting your latest jobs and corresponding responsibilities in reverse chronological order which will make itineffective.

After knowing the meaning and the use of this resume, you will learn how to make your own resume with some of our chronologicalresume templates in a formal form for your personal purposes. All you need to do is modify the information you need to put on in the templates provided.

Functional Resume Sample

Here is the sample resume to help you to develop your own resume:

Gilatz Jamal

Personal Info
17 Home Street
B City, xxx 12345
Phone: (123)-123-1234

Email: gilatzjamal@gmail.com


A student who hold a bachelor’s degree in the Business Management (3.8/4.0) who has good skills in communicating and managing stuff. I am seeking a position where I could develop my skills and ability more, especially in analysis and developing plans.


BB University, B City
Business Management


GPA: 3.8


Branch Manager at XY Department Store

  • Responsible in manage and supervise the branch store at the branch store(s).
  • Arrange schedules for the deliveries and shipments to the branch store(s).
  • Handle and check stocks at branch store(s).

Senior Supervisor at Xoxo Trade Center

  • Develop strategies to increase production.
  • Set training and workshops for new members.
  • Evaluate the staffs’ performance and report it to the stakeholders.

Manager at VX Plaza Center

  • Develop surveys to get feedback on customer satisfaction.
  • Do workshops and training regularly.
  • Make reports related to the progress of business each month, such as sales production, income, and profit of the month.

Special Skills

  • Proficient in data processing applications
  • Leadership experienced for more than 5 years
  • Interpersonal skills

Awards, Honors, and Honorary Mentions

  • Nominated for the top 10 managers at B Corporation
  • Top 3 Branch Store in achieving the monthly target


  • French
  • Arabian
  • Spanish

Tips To Write AProper Functional Resume

Below are some tips you may follow to make your functional resume look professional:

  • Makeyour resume objective straight to the point
  • Highlight your working experiences
  • Provide specific education history
  • Mention all of the achievement and awards you have
  • Share relevant workshops or seminars you have joint
  • List relevant hard skills and soft skills

Why Should Use A Functional Resume?

This typed resume focuses on competencies and experience rather than on your chronological work history. It is normally used by means of job seekers who are changing careers or who have gaps in their employment history.

Why Do We Write Functional Resume?

Because this resumeshows the major focus on your relevant skills, a functional resume may help you to better tailor the content material to a unique position you are hoping to aim, without afraid to alot about job titles that do not sound relevant, gaps in employment, or eclectic work history.

When Can You Use A Functional Resume?

This typed resume is ideal for peoplewho do not have lots of work rides associated with the job they are making use of for. If you are switching careers, are new to the field, or have gaps in your employment, consider using a functional resume.

Various TypeOf Functional Resumes

There are some functional resumes for different purposes. Here below are some types of resumes that may be suited for your behalf in looking for a job.

Minimal Resume Template

This functional resume template is designed in an attractive form with some highlights of the skills owned by the job seeker. The advantage of this resume is the design itself may attract the recipient and make it look good and modern.

Functional Resume-Business Manager Template

This is a template for you who are applied for a business manager for a company. The template comes with prior experiences and skills to be a consideration in working as a manager

Functional Resume-Editor Template

When you wanted to be an editor for your occasion, then this template may suit your needs. This template is practical and may show your quality.

Professional Resume Template

This is a useful template that you can modify on your personal behalf. Then, you should include any other information and detail regarding your qualification.

One Page Functional Resume Template

A typical resume that can help you to separate your key responsibility and other details, such as educational history or skills. This will give a neat and clean look to your profile.

Simple Functional CVResume Set

Provide a complete CV resume set with a touch of elegant and understandable profile. With a simple look, you can define yourself as a no-drama person and leave a good impression on your manager. Use this template to get the look and hired by the manager now!

Sample Functional Resume PDF

Start using this template to impress your manager with your capability and skills. With a PDF format, you can feel safe because there will be none that can beat you to the punch.

Editable Resume Set Template

If you are a beginner in this field, you can use this template without any doubt. You do not need to feel worried about the format and technique to get a proper resume because it follows the standard and you can edit it.

Basic Functional Resume Set

Allow yourself to look in basic and show yourtalents and skills that will surprise your manager through this template. Meet the standard of your future company now!

Printable Resume Template

Do you want to leave a good impression on your manager? Kindly use this template right now and list your qualifications and objectives to get the news from your company as soon as possible!


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