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Food Service Resume

Talking about food, there are plenty of chances for your career, for example, becoming a food service. If you are interested in starting your career in this field, you need a good food service resume. The position to apply in the foodservice industry can be many things. It can be a bartender, cook, or manager. The food resume service is also known as the catering resume. You can download the templates and read the great tips on this page.

The Sample Of Food Service Resume

To help you find some ideas, you can check the following example:

Salikul Hamid

Personal Info

Phone: (777)898-098-765

Email: salikul.hamid@gmail.com


NACE-certified caterer with 5+ years experience in managing and creating meal plans for logistics, events, and travels for social functions as well as parties. Successfully managed to provide catering service for 400 events with 50 of them serving 1500 guests. Eliminated 40% food waste with excellent serving strategies. Looking for a new challenge in ABC’s monthly events for expanding my talent organization, personal growth, and catering skills.

Work Experience

Catering Specialist for Events

January 2018- present

Southeast Primetime, New York, NY

  • Created a meal plan for the events
  • Managed and gathered all the utensils, decoration, heating equipment, serving trays to the events.
  • Served food and beverages to guests by keeping paying attention to guests’ diets and restrictions such as religions and health.
  • Assisted managers (event and catering) to maintain a good standard during the events.

Key Achievements

Succeeded in reducing food waste by 40% which food was served by orders.

Catering Assistant

January 2015-December 2017

Ummamy Catering Service, New York, NY

  • Maintained the necessary food supplies, utensils, serving, and heating equipment
  • Made a report for ordering quantities and created a suggestion to the catering director before deciding to purchase.
  • Handled and managed catering equipment during the events.
  • Adhered to food safety and standards.


Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts Management

Kai Chef Institute, Miami, FL

Graduation: 2015

Relevant Coursework: Hospitality Industry, Pastry Industry, Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage Control

GPA: 3.8

Membership: Pastry Enthusiast

Key Skills:

  • Food management, planning, and directing
  • Interpersonal including verbal and listening skills
  • Analytical and research
  • Leadership, problem-solving, and time management
  • Great stamina with the ability to work in long hours


Favorite Local Pastry In Traditional Snack Challenge, 2018


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

What Are To Focus On When Writing A Catering Resume?

Instead of just writing standard information, you need to make some strategies. In writing the resume, you have to focus on several aspects that make your profile look outstanding, such as:

What Are The Skills To Write On A Catering Resume?

The catering industry is very competitive. The standard is very high to keep the guests and customers keep in touch with the business. This why in the catering industry, the skills required are incredibly complex. Here are some skills to master if you want to join this industry.

  • Presentation Skills
  • Service-oriented attitude
  • Methodical working
  • Budgeting and management
  • Food and beverage preparation
  • Food handling
  • Monitoring
  • Knowledge of food standards
  • Confidentiality
  • Interpersonal
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking

Kinds Of Food Service Resume Templates

Food Service Worker Resume Sample

If you are looking for a smart foodservice template, you can download this one. This template comes with its example about catering resumes which consist of summary, experience, accomplishments, education, until certification.

Food Service Manager Resume

One of the most high-demand positions in the food industry is the food service manager. This template is designed for this position where you can write down your best qualifications here. It also contains standards detail such as accomplishments, summary, work experience, and also certification.

Food Service Director Resume Sample

For you who are already professionals, this template will highlight your best skills and experiences. This template offers the best details on your professional experience. You can have separate sections if you want to add another detail such as achievements.

Food Service Supervisor Resume Template

If you are looking for a compact resume template, this one is one of the most tailored templates with excellent sections and bullets, making it looks great even though this template is designed very simple.

Food Service Operation Manager Resume Sample

Are you looking for a template with its example? Then this sample template is a good choice. You can learn from the example on how to make a good catering resume.

Food Service Assistant Manager Resume Example

If you are still not sure about what to write, probably you need a few examples about it. This template offers a good example with complete details such as experience, summary, and educational background.

Entry-Level Food Service Assistant Resume

For you who has just graduated and wants to expand your career in the culinary industry, you will need this template. This is an excellent one with a simpler design and easy to edit especially for fresh graduates.

Catering Specialist Resume Sample

Another catering specialist resume template you might want to download is this catering specialist template. This template is designed for catering specialists with certain specifications that help you highlight the qualifications.

Catering Server Resume Examples

There are many templates outside there with a solid design, making it look cool. However, some of them lack the format which you might not find some sections you need. This template however offers a simpler design yet still has a great look. Moreover, it comes with complete details and easier to delete if you don’t need it without ruining the whole content.

Resume For Caterer

This is another resume template that you can download for free. The template comes in chronological order that makes your editing easier. This is also easier for you to edit.


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