File Clerk Job Description and FAQs


A file clerk is a person who has a responsibility for the complete organization of the company’s files. He or she ensures that the company can access to its paperwork anytime. In this role, you will be tasked to file paperwork, find a document when requested, updates records & double-checks paperwork before being filed. For more detailed, let’s pay attention to this file clerk job description.

File Clerk Job Description Template

As a file clerk, you must put the company’s documents in an electronic database. A file clerk can also grow into an office manager or operations manager. Even though an experience is not a must, it can be a good benefit. Certain educational degree and skills are usually required.

When it comes to a file clerk job description template, it does not only relate to the responsibilities of a file clerk but also its requirements. Different companies may require different qualifications and give different tasks & duties.

File Clerk Job Responsibilities

We are hiring a file clerk now. If you want to be part of us, you must be familiar with the file clerk job responsibilities. That is why experience and knowledge are very important. Here is the list if tasks & duties that become its responsibilities to do:

  • Files paperwork’s in the appropriate areas
  • Increases the filing system accuracy
  • Retrieves paperwork’s when it is requested
  • Inputs paperwork’s into the electronic database
  • Updates records with new info
  • Performs quality checks in routine on the file system
  • Keeps logs of paperwork’s that are taken out
  • Ensures that any sensitive info is safeguarded

File Clerk Job Requirements

Besides understanding the responsibilities, you also need to meet the requirements. In fact, there are many file clerk job requirements we provide. They relate to educational degree, knowledge, ability, skills, and others. For more detailed required qualifications, you can see the following list below:

  • GED equivalent or high school diploma
  • Good attention to details
  • Big patience to files rightly
  • Excellent knowledge of Ms. Office programs
  • Ability of staying organized
  • Knowledge of filing system
  • Ability of implementing new system into the company
  • Ability of working independently
  • Great skills of time management

File Clerk Job Description FAQs

What does a file clerk do in a company?

As a file clerk, you will be tasked to file paperwork, find a document when requested, updates records & double-checks paperwork before being filed. For the detailed tasks & duties of a file clerk, you can see in the job description template posted here.

Can I edit the posted file clerk job description here?

Of course, you can. You are allowed to add or remove the details in the editable file clerk job description template posted here based on your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a file clerk?

Besides the file clerk job description, we also provide a collection of interview question samples. You can find it on another page on this web easily.


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