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A county clerk is one of the most important jobs in the government sector because it handles various administrative stuff from birth, marriage until death certificate. Generally, the county clerk is appointed by the government but in certain areas or states, a county clerk is assigned from job vacancy. For further detail about the county clerk job description, you can read our short summary bellow.

The Responsibilities In The County Clerk Job Description

Assisting and serving the customers  

A county clerk is also responsible for answering and assisting telephone inquiries. The person is responsible for serving the customers at the counter.

Document management

Besides serving and guiding the customers, the county clerk also manages the documents including scan and certifying the photocopies.

Creating Documents

The county clerk also has to make a various document that is related to state administration for people business, for example, making certificates. They also make reports and correspondence documents while organizing it.

Digitalizing the data

The county clerk is also responsible for capturing the data in the spreadsheets and various software.

Run the errands

The county clerk also has to collect and transport the documents to other offices. They have to perform various administration tasks too.

The Requirements To Be A County Clerk

  • Educational background – The candidate must pass the school diploma or GED. He/she must have experience in municipal at least one year to be a county clerk. Besides, the candidate must attach a driver’s license
  • Skills – The required skills to be a county clerk are communication, computing, accounting, management, and people skills. Furthermore, the candidate must also love details and has a strong ability to maintain confidentiality and sensitive information.


What’s A County Clerk’s Job?

This position will handle certain administration works such as death, marriage, birth, and other certificates. Also, he/she must record various governing transactions, ordinances, and resolutions. In short, they are dealing with county’s general administration duties

What Do You Have To Consider In The County Clerk Job Description?

Usually, this position is from the government sector in which a person can be appointed or elected which depends on the state’s laws. If you are a candidate who is seeking for this position, make sure you read the local laws you are applying to. Furthermore, I understand also the main tasks and requirements of this position.

What Are The Main Duties Of A County Clerk?

Generally, the main duties that must be done by a county clerk include issuing birth, death, and marriage certificates. Other licenses and permits are issued by the clerk and they also answer various telephone inquiries from the customers. They are also responsible for maintaining various records for example gun license, notary bonds, and many more.

If you want to be a county clerk, you have to understand the basic regulations and laws of the place you are applying to. Besides, note that you have been familiar with the county clerk job description.

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