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Conference Poster Template for the Event and Presentation

You can use a poster to publish your research and paper during conference. This kind of poster summarizes the entire project into something that people can read and understand easily. You need to arrange all contents in the right place. On the other hand, the conference also requires poster for invitation. That’s why you must obtain conference poster template.

The template is a reference that participants and scientists use when presenting the research. They might have good skill on design, but the template will make sure the tasks become easier. They only need to focus on presenting the main contents properly.

Conference Poster Template Ideas

Conference poster template ideas have several aspects. Check the next list for more exploration.

  • Conference invitation

You may see a poster about certain conference that will be held three months later. The poster is a part of invitation media. It contains the title, theme, background, and other necessary components.

  • Poster session

During conference, there is exhibition for poster session. The researchers introduce their project, result, and work in this session. To attract more visitors, the design and layout must be interesting and excellent.

  • Publication

The poster is useful as publication. It is mostly for digital media on website. As you know, most people have a hard time to understand when reading scientific paper. With the poster, the content is simplified, so common people can understand it. The style, layout, and components are dedicated for everyone.

Conference Poster Template Styles

The style for this template relies on the content. You may create the single sheet poster. It contains everything related to your topic. On the other side, some posters incorporate brochure layout. One page is divided into three sections, and each of them contains relevant items.

Conference Poster Template Components

You can learn conference poster template from the components. Each has specific purpose and function.


The poster starts with the title. It represents the entire content. If the original title from research is too long, you can shorten and adjust it with the layout. Some titles use fancy words to attract people directly.

Date and place

The poster has date and place. Regardless the content, both provide additional information about the contents.

Key features and summary

You can use the key features and summary on front cover. This part is short, but enough to grasp the entire content.


Everything about paper and publication will be in the content section. This part explains the project, data collection, and analysis.

Photo, graph, and illustration

The poster should have more photos and graphs, including illustration. They provide clear understanding for readers.


The last part is conclusion from the entire component. It should be short and concise that’s related to the main topic.

Conference Poster Template Formats

You can use conference poster template with various formats. Even though it is mostly for academic event, the poster is not rigid with formal structure. You can use something attractive for conference invitation. On the other hand, a poster for publication should be easier to see and read.

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