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The Gift Certificate Template for Your Customers


When you need gift certificate template, you must own a business that gives something away for the customers quite often. Yes, nowadays you do not even have to make your own gift certificate to give to the customers as the templates are all available here. Download them now and read some explanations about the certificate down below.

Gift Certificate Template Usage


The main usage of the certificate is for the customer to redeem some free stuff or gifts given by the store. They need to show the certificate. As for the business owner, the main function of the gift certificate template given here is to ease them in making tons of certificates like this and save their time. For that reason, downloading these templates is a must.

Gift Certificate Template Key Essentials


The key essentials for the templates are:


  • Certificate Number

There should be a certificate number written there. It shows that the certificate is legitimate and the holder of that particular certificate can claim the rewards.

  • Value

The value of the certificate or the value of the gift is often displayed on the certificate. Usually it is stated in currency or it is just mentioned without stating how much.

  • From and To

The sender and recipient of the gift certificate should be written. It will make things even more obvious when anyone try to claim the certificate reward.

  • Expiration Date

Everything has expiration date, including the certificate. Write them down how long the certificate will last and it should be helpful to manage them.

Gift Certificate Template Examples


If you need some examples, the best examples for the certificates can be seen right here:


Basic Gift Certificate

This is a basic gift certificate with blank spaces that can be filled on the computer or printed just as it is. It looks simple yet obvious enough to use.

Colorful Gift Certificate

If the gift certificate is from toy store or anything related to kids, these colorful designs will help making the certificate looks even more interesting.

Multiple Gift Certificate

One piece of paper should be filled with multiple gift certificates with different values. Save your paper and time by using this particular design.

Framed Gift Certificate

If you want the template to be fancy, add some cool frames around the certificate. The final result will be the one over here.

Gift Certificate Template Formats


The certificate does not have to be very fancy. This is the reason why some templates are using simple format for the certificate, such as Microsoft Word. The doc format is going to ease the editing process as well as the printing process. Some doc templates are available here and you can download that gift certificate template for free.

Now it is quite clear that you can make the certificate so easily using those templates. As they can be downloaded anytime, you should get them on your PC even though you do not need them now. The gift certificate template is going to ease your way in providing goods to the customers.


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