10+ Christmas Party Invitation psd template free

The Christmas Party Invitation Template Free Download


Christmas party invitation template is needed when the holiday is just around the corner. By that time, parties will be held everywhere and invitation cards are definitely necessary to make. Instead of spending hours designing the invitation card for the Christmas party, you can use these templates available down below. Here they are:

Christmas Party Invitation Template Importance


Christmas party invitation template is always necessary as it is the only thing people need to receive in order to get allowed to attend the party. This is why making the invitation card is mandatory and you just have to do it way before the party time. Use the template to cut the corners and prepare a good, well-designed invitation card.

Christmas Party Invitation Template Elements


Keep it in mind the invitation card will need these elements on them:


  • Basic Information

The basic information about the party needs to be displayed. It is including the party time, date and venue, of course. Everyone needs to understand them.


  • Dress Code

Every party, especially the one for celebrate Christmas, must have some kinds of dress code. It has to be clearly stated on the invitation card.

  • What to Bring

If the party guests are expected to bring gifts or something, let them know by writing it down on the invitation card so that no one misses it.


  • RSPV

When the guests need to make RSPV and book their place, make sure the number to call to RSPV is included on the card.


Christmas Party Invitation Template Designs


The best designs for the card are numerous, including:


Church Christmas Party

If the party is held by the church, usually the design will be revolving around the religious symbols and designs, the example is right here.


Office Christmas Party

Office party for Christmas is more on the side part and it is like gathering instead. The design of the invitation must be more on the whimsical part.

Community Christmas Party

If you are looking for a Christmas party invitation for community party around the neighborhood, try using this simpler, cool-looking template.


Family Christmas Party

Family Christmas party is usually more private and the invitation can be customized with the family picture. The example is right over here.


Christmas Party Invitation Template Format


Making card will be easier if the template is in formats such as PSD and InDesign. Make sure that you can at least use the designing tool a little bit as you may have to do some editing toward the Christmas party invitation template. You need to change the date and probably add more information about the party and it can be done so easily using Photoshop or Adobe inDesign.

Now it is clear that you can definitely use the template to make dashing card for the party. Remember that the invitation needs to be sent at least a week before the party. This is why you will have to get the Christmas party invitation template now and start editing.

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