Certified Ethical Hacker Job Description: The Responsibilities And Requirements That You Should Know 



Have you heard about cyber-security experts? The ones who work to be cyber-security experts must have excellent knowledge about computer stuff and know how to improve the computer system’s safety—the cyber-security experts, also known as the certified ethical hacker. In the certified ethical hacker job description, the person usually conducts some penetration tests through the company’s computer system to find problems and solutions about it. Here some short explanation about its responsibility and requirements for this job.

The Important List Of General Responsibilities Of Certified Ethical Hacker Job Description 

1. Discussing With Clients About The Issue

A certified ethical hacker must meet the clients and discuss some critical issues related to the system of computers and security. They have to research about the company’s network structure, system, and penetration tests.

2. Conducting The Research

The hacker must identify the safety breaches and flaws by doing multiple penetration tests. They also need to records all the high-level security on the system. The hacker reviews and create suggestions for the problems later on.

The Essential List Of General Requirements Of certified ethical hacker job description 

1. Having many experiences On This Field

The professional hacker must gain a bachelor’s degree in computer science and information technology. It would be much better if the hacker has CEH certification and some experiences to be a certified ethical hacker. The hacker must have advanced knowledge about security software and networking system.

2. Being Familiar With Hacking Terms

The person has to be familiar with some terms, including session hijacking, parameter manipulation, and cross-site scripting. The person also needs to know more about firewalls, routers, and server systems. It is because the hacker needs to be good at troubleshooting and to see the flaws to find solutions about the problems.


1. What is a certified ethical hacker?

The certified ethical hacker is trustworthy and talented to conduct an in-depth test on the system of the customer’s computer. The certified ethical hacker is someone who required to research the system and type being used.

2. What should the institution’s recruiter carry out before posting a certified ethical hacker job description?

To make institutions get professional certified ethical hackers, it would be better if the recruiter knows exactly what type of person they are looking for. The recruiter must understand well the requirement and responsibilities thoughtfully and thoroughly. For example, a certified ethical hacker has advanced knowledge of the internet security system and computer. In short, the certified ethical hacker does hacking all the time, so they must require some skills that are needed by most professional hackers. The recruiter must explain that information on the job description before posting it.

3. What are the everyday duties of a certified ethical hacker?

The professional certified ethical hacker usually identifies any weaknesses found on the customer’s computer and tries to find solutions for the system. In the certified ethical hacker job description, the person has to make penetration test notes, and some advice on safety upgrades. Most of the time, the certified ethical hacker usually do hacking in high-level skills to identify some security flaws. They also make concise and clear reports about it and find solutions to improve the computer and security system in the future.






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