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Professional-Looking Certificate Design Template Collection

As the demand for certification program arises, so does it with certification design. There are thousands of people who want to enter the job market who prepare to serve prove for their specific skill. Now, if you and your client need official certifying proof, this free certificate design template can help to create a well-designed and neat looking one.

Certificate Design Template Purpose

Certificate is the type of document that officially given when someone has completed a course of training or studying. It also may refer to the received qualification. The awarding of certificate provides evidence of achievement is specialized education. To earn this piece of document is to earn credit is disciplined and structured way. It can help person who gain it a path to advance in their career, or to get additional knowledge that can be used to stay up-to-date and competitive in their respective field.

Download Certificate Design Template

Here are five steps to use certificate template and create a proper-looking one:

Browse through the free template section here. Look for any certificate design template that you like and choose by clicking on it. You’d be brought into the download step on the screen. Then all you have to do is clicking the download option from the array of engaging and stunning pre-made templates that come with complete element and organized layout.

Open your chosen template file. Now it is time to modify the text to suit with your needs. Besides the text substance, you can also customize the font style, color, size, alignment, or spacing. Use the text editing tools on your software to do so.

As the pre-built design is made to be completely customizable, you are able to edit any design elements, add images or graphic, and modify the color palettes as much as you pleased.

The next step is to add your organization or brand’s logo so people who read the certificate can identify it easily. The logo acts as identity element for both the giver and the recipient.

After finishing all the steps, save the file. Print the certificate in high-quality paper to make it look even more professional and beautiful.

Customizable Certificate Design Template

Making a unique, appealing, and impactful certificate is no longer a hard task to do by using a template. Customizing certificate design template is generally an easy thing to do as there is no tight rules and strict regulation regarding its look. Nowadays, you can find an array of templates designs on internet, but you have to make sure it follows the general standard. The common size to use on a certificate is the 11 x 8.5 inches or 21.59 x 27.94 cm. These dimensions are the standard letter paper size.

Free Certificate Design Template

The certificate design template and the customizable option are available for free. It will benefit you, in case your budget is tight to save on printing costs. The template is crafted with professional standards and eye-catching design to fit with your needs.

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