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How to Design an Impressive CD Cover Template

The growth of music streaming service is getting unstoppable, and at some point, it also affects the singers who want to forge a career in the music industry.  It is because selling music through streaming services is not really profitable for the musicians or the record label, although their works get a lot of attention. Thus, selling music albums through CD is still one of the best ways to cover all the funds they have spent on producing an album. Aside from the tedious work of producing a music album, designing a CD cover also can’t be belittled as some people collect albums based on the cover art. Unfortunately, some newcomers in the music industry have no idea how to make an impressive CD cover. Many of them use a CD cover template, which is really helpful.

Things to Do Before Choosing a CD Cover Template

You may already have a view for your album cover, and maybe you have started to look for a CD cover template on the internet. But before you go there, the first step in the designing process actually takes a lot of time and consideration.

  • Your identity: In this part, you need to know how you would define yourself to the public. Whether as an artist, solo singer, band, etc.
  • Knowing your audience: You should have realized that not everyone has a different taste when it comes to music. Do a little research about what kind of people coming into your show. It will help you to gather ideas for your album cover.

Inspiration for Choosing a CD Cover Template

Inspiration is vital for artists, much less to every musician. In writing music, there must be events or pieces of art that inspire you. You can gather inspiration in designing your album cover in the same way. Look for inspiration as much as you can and compile it with your own ideas to produce an impressive album cover no one will ever forget.

Key Points in Customizing a CD Cover Template

There are several items that play an essential role in designing the album cover. Once you get the CD cover template that you like, make sure you customize it by considering some key elements below:

  • Color: The selection of color is an essential aspect in every designing process, much less to the album cover. There are so many colors to choose, and choosing the right one is a hard decision as it represents the identity that you want to portray through your album cover.
  • Typography and image: Some musicians prefer typography, some of them more into imagery, and some musicians who combine both. Don’t forget to consider everything in picking typography or picture you display on your album cover.

Details in a CD Cover Template

It’s okay to drown yourself into the designing process. But be sure to remember the details you must include in your CD cover template such as your name as a musician or even your band name, the album name, the track list you need to insert on the back cover, and the legal information.

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