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The Bumper Sticker Template as Point of Attraction

You may see a car that has unique sticker on its bumper. In general, it is usually called a bumper sticker, but you can place it anywhere, including at the rear window. You can make such thing with bumper sticker template.

Bumper Sticker Template Idea

Anyone can make this sticker even with single word on the plain sheet. The idea of template comes from the style that stickers will use. Moreover, creativity is the key when designing the sticker. In this case, the ready-made template will help.

Bumper Sticker Template Purposes

To know more about bumper sticker template, you should start from the purposes. Check the following list for more explanation.

Sharing idea propaganda

Sticker is the good place for sharing the idea. You often see people who use this one for campaign. The car owners may support certain candidate then add the sticker as a proof.

Advertisement and promotion

In old days, sticker was attached on horse carriage. The content was about the advertisement and promotion. Today, you can often see a bumper sticker as marketing tool.

Supporting team or event

The events, such as sport and concerts often rely on this sticker. People add it on their car and spread the news. You may put a sticker related to your favorite sport team.

Bumper Sticker Template Design

As you know, the design for bumper sticker template is unlimited. It means anything can be placed as a bumper sticker. As long as it fits, you can add anything. Make sure the design is clear, and people can read the contents. That’s the most important thing you must know.

Bumper Sticker Template Samples and Format

The next section will show some samples of this template. You can get easily and edit based on your needs. Some designs are unique to the specific theme.

Blank sticker template

The most common sample is blank sticker template. People think the size has to be large enough to be on the vehicle bumper. In fact, you can get any sticker template and adjust the size. Blank template is definitely the top choice. It gives the flexibility and opportunity to expand your creativity.

Custom order

Some stickers are not in rectangle or round shape. In fact, the design follows the unique layout as if you cut it directly alongside the edge. You can rely on custom order template that’s reliable when you need unusual sticker.

Promotion style

If the sticker is for marketing or advertisement, you can choose template with promotion style. It is ready-made file that you just add the content, and the layout is already in the fixed place. It is similar to the banner, but you can make it as a bumper sticker.

Online template

Today, making a sticker is simple and easy. You can get online template that’s reliable for creating attractive and elegant sticker. With this template, the sticker has contents related to anything without limitation.

Printed sticker

One thing you must consider is bumper sticker template that should be the printed one. The sticker will be in your car. After designing is done, you can print and attach it directly on the bumper.


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