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How to Make Stocks of Greeting Card by Using Blank Greeting Card Template


Personalized, handwritten greeting cards seem to never die, especially in a festive season like Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can find many stores selling greeting cards, and it does not cost you much money to buy just one. But, buying it in a bulk number will cost you quite much for just the cards only. Therefore, to cut the expenses, consider creating the greeting card yourself. To make a versatile, fit to any occasion greeting card, you can start by finding a blank greeting card template. After customizing, print it, stock it up, and grab it whenever you need it.

Greeting Card: How To Make It Using Blank Greeting Card Template


It’s easy and it does not require much work. To start, you can go by turning on your computer and go to your favorite search engine.


  1. Once you’re there, type the keyword ‘blank greeting card template’. You can also include the file type you want to work with. (.psd, .doc, etc.)
  2. Then, browse in themed-based filters. If you wish to make a general greeting card, you can skip this step and just find any template that fits your liking.
  3. Download the template and launch it using the matching app.
  4. Work on some customization, like adjusting colors, adding some texts, etc. If you persist to make it blank, then don’t add texts.
  5. Save the template file, and export it to its functional file type, such as .png, .jpg, or .pdf.
  6. You’re done! You can continue the work: the printing process.

Dos and Don’ts in Customizing A Blank Greeting Card Template



  • Use several blank greeting card template designs so that it will not be boring, moreover if you’re going to stock it up.
  • Use relevant illustrations or images, you can download in stock photo websites.
  • Give enough spaces to write short letters
  • Leave the sad stuffs. This is supposed to be a greeting card. Convey your happiness and have a bright design to work with.


  • Don’t use ‘boring’ colors. ‘Boring’ here is defined as monochromatic colors: grey, white, and black. It’s OK to use it in your greeting cards, just don’t make your greeting card only with these colors.
  • Don’t add excessive ornaments. This will cut the space for writing the letters.

Paper Choice to Print Your Blank Greeting Card Template


Paper choice matters. You should not print your greeting card in a thin, 70-gsm paper only. Not only it will not give a good impression, but also a 70-gsm paper isn’t thick enough to be called as ‘card’, is it? That’s why you need to choose a perfect paper as well.

  1. Art paper

Art papers’ thickness range from 120 to 850 gsm. If you want to print the greeting card in bulk in a short budget, you can choose this paper.

  1. Matte paper

Similar to art paper, this type of paper has matte, ‘non-glowing’ touch on its surface. The thickness is also ranging, but to print your blank greeting cards template, you can use paper with 150 gsm thickness.

What to Write in a Blank Greeting Card Template


Don’t freeze up while pouring out your heart in a letter. You can style it to be a basic (with those formalities), casual, silly, thoughtful, or only-lovers-understand letter. Whatever your letter is, a blank greeting card template is the right choice to create greeting cards in such a low budget without putting the designs at sake.


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